PAHF Umpiring Workshop - Kingston, Jamaica

The program includes:

Development Level 1 A new vision. It begins on April 5.

Development Level 2 Integral training. It starts on July 5. Requires level 1 approved.

Development Level 3 Player of the future. It starts on October 5. Requires level 1 and 2 approved.

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Later there will be specializations in which you must have done the level that enables them.

More information about Development Level 1

ADDRESSED TO: It is aimed at trainers who work with groups which are at the initial stages in the sport or to trainers who want to provide their teams with solid foundations with an innovative system of complete integral training.

CONTENTS The courses have a duration of ten weeks divided into four modules. You can access the information of each module through the virtual campus. 

ASSISTANCE During the course you will have the support of a mentor who will assist you throughout the learning process. The communication will be via e-mail or from the platform and the student will be assisted both in the pedagogical and in the use of the platform.

PROGRESS CONTROL The student will be evaluated to be able to pass the Development Course 1. Each module has a self-evaluation and an integrating activity.