South American Games (2018wODESUR) Cochabamba 2018: Chile vs. Bolivia

Cochabamba. A day under the rain hockey in the South American Games, Cochabamba 2018 but with the semifinals results of Tuesday June 5th: Argentina will face Chile and Brazil will play against Uruguay.

An intense day of definitions was experienced during this Sunday at the Félix Capriles Stadium, this was because the points of the table had a narrow margin of difference between Chile and Uruguay, which had to define their places of classification in the Group B according to the results obtained, to know which of the two would face 'Las Leonas' and which one to Brazil.

Uruguay leader of group B

'Las Cimarronas' played a  very tactical game  in order to get six goals and consolidate the first place in group B. They needed six to avoid Argentina and that sixth goal came thanks to the excellent position of Soledad Villar, just before the final horn was listen. They celebrated euphorically in the middle of the pitch. This victory, means thewy will play against Brazil in semifinals.

The goals were converted by Jimena García, Lucía Castro, Milagros Algorta, Kaisuami Dall'Orso, Anastasia Olave and Soledad Villar.

The semifinal will be this Tuesday at 15:30 at the Félix Capriles Stadium.

Chile vs Argentina in semifinals

The game vs Bolivia became a crucial match for Chile, since with the result of Chile and the result obtained by Uruguay, they defined their final position in the group.

Chile managed to score a  6-0, however, it would not be enough to play against Bazil in the semifinals.

Chile dominated the game despite they were constantly pressured by the Bolivian squad.

The goals of Chile were converted by Kim Jacob (2), Paula Valdivia, Josefa Salas, Francisca Tala and Denisse Krimerman.

Chile will face Argentina in the semifinal that will take place on Tuesday at 13 o'clock.

Brazil over takes Peru

Brazil did the right thing and won a very closed game. Karolina Sluis took advantage of the only neglect of the Inca defense, and sealed their pass into semifinals as second of Group A, escorting Argentina, who secured that first place on Friday.

On Monday:  Men’sSemifinal starting at 08:00 in the morning  with Argentina vs Brazil,  10:30 with Chile versus Venezuela. At 13:00 it will be the turn of Uruguay and Paraguay, and at 3:30 p.m Bolivia will face  Peru.