South American Games (2018mODESUR) Cochabamba 2018: Chile vs. Venezuela

Cochabamba. The final game of the South American Games will have a continental classic when this Wednesday Argentina and Chile will play and pursuit the gold medal of the men's hockey tournament Cochabamba 2018. Los Leones took over Brazil in the semifinals 5- 0 while the Los Diablos scored four against Venezuela.

The gold medal game will be played at 15:30 hours (+4 GMT), always in the auxiliary field of the Félix Capriles stadium, in Cochabamba.


With five goals, two by penalty corners and three achieved by field plays, 'Los Leones' were the first team to qualify for the final of the South American Games.

In the 7th minute of the game, Juan Catan opened the score after he capitalized the first penalty corner that Argentina quickly got.

Despite the difference left by the scoreboard, Brazil pressed throughout the, achieving an intense game that would see his second goal at minute 30’ by Ian Rothbart, who also capitalized a penalty corner.

As for the last three goals, they were made in the third and the last quarter of the game, achieved through collective team work that Martin Ferreiro, Agustín Bugallo and Marc Ganly took advantage of and scored.


In the second match, Chile worked intensely, but he was calm enough to make Venezuela run a lot and know how to find the moments of area penetration in order to convert the goals that led them into the final. Juan Ignacio Amoroso, 'Juani', took advantage of a loose ball  and opened the score.

Venezuela did a great job, and although they had a couple of chances they could not make it. The scoreboard did not move until the third quarter when Jaime Zarhi broke the Venezuelan goalkeeper and capitalized the penalty corner .

Venezuela, try to attack and this caused more spaces for the Diablos . Felipe Renz and Sven Richter took advantage of the situation and sealed the game for Chile.


The teams of Uruguay and Peru will play on Wednesday the game that will define the fifth and sixth place of the South American Games. Uruguay won 2-0 against Paraguay and Peru won 2-1 against Bolivia.

Agustín Rivero (14 ') and Federico Iglesias (45') scored for Uruguay.

Sebastian Dennison scored 2 gols for Peru while Juan Yevara scored the first international goal for Bolivia.

Next Games: Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. Paraguay and Bolivia ( 7th & 8th place)

10:30 Peru and Uruguay (5th & 6th place). The hockey in Cochabamba 2018 will continue tomorrow with women’s semifinals: 10:30 Peru vs. Paraguay; 13:00 Argentina vs. Chile; and at 15:30 Uruguay vs. Brazil.