Cochabamba.  When the umpires marked the end of the match, Argentina raised their arms and celebrated. They defeated Uruguay and become champions of Cochabamba 2018 South American Games.

Argentina was a clear dominator of the tournament. They played four games, won all four, and with 8-0 scored in the final against the 'Cimarronas' they scored a total of 44 goals.

Uruguay could not find the formula to reduce the difference, but for them to have reached the final was a success, because not only they return to Montevideo with the bronze medal, but with a ticket to dispute the next Pan American Games Lima 2019.

Chile was the third country on the podium. The Diablas developed their game and dominated Brazil and took the bronze medal.


Argentina started the engine and went forward. Their right side was most offensive sector, and permanently generated changes in the game and rhythm.

It was difficult for Uruguay , so much that they could only reach the 25-yard line in the 19th minute. That says a lot about how hard it was for them. Until that minute Argentina had already scored four goals. Maria Campoy opened the score,  Agustina Gorzelany scored after she capitalized a penalty corner, ALbertarrio scroed Argentina’s third goal three seconds after finishing the first quarter; and Gorzelany increased the difference to 4.

In the third quarter Argentina slowed down and Uruguay settled better (in that period Milagros Fernández scored the fifth goal '). In the last quarter Uruguay that offered little resistance, but Albertarrio (55 '), and Julieta Jankunas (57' and 58 ') managed to score and sealed the game.

38 gold medals for Argentina in South American Games history.

The Diablas took the bronze to Chile

Chile and Brazil - were playing for the bronze after losing their semifinal games against  Argentina and Uruguay – before the game started Josefa Salas celebrated 50 caps and received a flower bouquet delivered by Alejandro Gómez, Chile’s Team Manager.

Once the game started, Chile had to work the spaces in order to obtain an advantage in the scoreboard something that they reached in the second quarter when Fernanda Flores scored the first goal .

Although the first difference would come after the first 15 minutes, during all quarters Chile kept control of the game pressing the spaces to reach the goal, a job that was not easy for those led by Sergio Vigil, as the Brazilian team took advantage of all the mistakes and possibilities that Chile Gave.

Fernanda Flores (x2) Paula Valdivia, Kim Jacob, Francisca Tala, Josefa Villalabeltía and Denisse Krimerman scored the 7 goals for Chile

The game was attended by an energetic crowd who supported both teams.

The victory against the Brazilian squad left the 'Las Diablas', in the third place of Cochabamba’s 2018, South American Games.

In the first match of the day Paraguay beat Bolivia 2-1

Carolina Cacace and Agustina Sánchez scored for Paraguay and Romina Pardo scored for Bolivia who closes an international performance that surprised many.


  1. Argentina
  2. Uruguay
  3. Chile
  4. Brasil
  5. Paraguay
  6. Bolivia
  7. Perú