Peru received Theo Ykema Award from FIH

New Delhi, India, November 1. The Peruvian Hockey Federation received the Theo Ykema Award from the International Hockey Federation (FIH) for development work in Peru.

FPH President Gianni Delucchi received the award from Executive Committee Member, Mr. Tayyab Ikram.

Delucchi said "It has been a great recognition, coming to us in an important moment, as we are working very hard in developing our hockey. Thinking of our future, we are really focusing on younger kids. This award has been very well received by the Board. I want to thank all for the affection and support that we have received from the Federations present at the meeting, as well as all the messages that have been sent to us ".

The Award

Theo Ykema was a member of the FIH Executive Board from 1990 to 2006, the same year he became an Honorary Member. He played a decisive role promoting hockey and, during his tenure, the FIH appointed a Training Manager, a Development Manager and five Continental Development Officers.

The award is given to a National Association that meets certain criteria established by the FIH, such as having new development initiatives, increasing hockey activities and participation in tournaments (local, national and international), increasing number of qualified officers and participation in seminars.

Delucchi added: "We presented what we have been doing: the Academy in the Northern Zone of Peru, our work with the Development Academy in Lima, the most important and massive tournaments of young players, the “Festideportes”, where we took hockey to peripheral areas of the city. All of this work has been presented to the International Federation and the authorities have selected Peru as the new winner”.