Umpiring Seminar in Guyana

“The level of officials determine the level of play of the Nation” (Roger St Rose).

A quote the  Guyana Hockey Board used as it motivation to host a 4 Day Seminar Sponsored by the Pan American Hockey Federation and conducted by the Regional Body’s Umpiring Committee Chair Roger St Rose.

This is not the first time that Mr St Rose has lent his immense wealth of experience gained as an Umpire for over 40 years on the world stage to the strengthening and development of the skill of Umpires in Guyana. From responses this opportunity was just as successful.

The PAHF sponsored seminar was held at the Cliff Anderson Sports hall facilities From 22nd November to the 25th Nov 2018 as the umpires and Umpire Coaches used the opportunity to sharpen their preparation for the GHB’s Annual Diamond Mineral Water Hockey Festival.

The Junior officials also benefitted from the seminar with specially designed segment targeting the New Umpires

In an invited comment  Mr. St Rose stated “I am always excited to be in Guyana and around Guyana Hockey because the Hockey Board here is definitely doing the right things and putting structures in place to capture the next generation and to ensure that the future of Guyana Hockey is in the right path. 

It’s very important to create the right atmosphere for Hockey to prosper and you can see it in what has been taking place.  In the past few years there was no greater accolade than being awarded the Pan American Indoor Qualifiers in 2017 for this part of the world For the Indoor World Cup that was held in Germany in 2018. 

Guyana Hockey showed that it can hold its own when it’s teams were very competitive during the tournament it’s officials be it umpires or technical officials and all the supporting staff be it spectators technicians, sponsors or food providers demonstrated that they were as competent as any I say Kudos to Philip Fernandes and his able body Board.”

Quotes from participants:

The recently concluded Umpires Briefing Session with Mr Roger St. Rose was a timely one. Throughout the sessions Mr  St. Rose shared his technical expertise and experience in umpiring with Guyanese umpires across the experience gamut. The beginners, the seasoned and the not so new umpires all benefitted tremendously. Many questions were answered and issues clarified. It is now up to the local umpires to use this new knowledge to raise the standard of the game here in Guyana by being thoroughly prepared for games and disseminating the information from this session to their respective clubs.

“It was a privilege participating in the umpiring workshop. It was a very informative session filling the gap so umpires and players can both have a better understanding of the game and its rules. I think that with more of these sessions hockey in Guyana will improve to that of international standards.”

“The Umpires seminar was a success based on the fact that many of the local umpires have never experienced such details  on umpiring especially from someone with as much umpiring experience as Mr St Rose. I was very thankful for the experience and i have learnt many new things during the course ...”

"Exceptional, that’s the word I would use to describe the workshop. I had been guided by Roger over the past few years as an umpire, yet he never ceased to astonish me. His presence in Guyana was nothing short of amazing, as it’s not often that one gets to work with someone extremely knowledgeable of the rules but also how best to apply it. His teaching approach was more of a two-way conversation than a teacher-student relationship with no wrong or right answers. He never gives you the answer but he guides you along the way whilst opening your mind to multiple new scenarios and perspectives."
‘What is the issue, what is the law, apply the law.’ Roger St. Rose

“it was very informative and interactive. The presenter got the class to learn to think for themselves to come with their own solutions which in my opinion helps with being a better umpire"