"SIP Project ": The Expansion of Chilean Hockey

In addition to the clubs that play field hockey, the Chilean Hockey Federation seeks to develop the sport by forming teams in different schools and, why not, find the future Chilean stars of this sport. The SIP project is now three years old and today it is located in 18 educational establishments in Santiago with the particularity that they are located in “social risk areas”.

"Through these workshops, we have managed to increase the participation of players we are preparing today for the major categories specially in men's teams, we currently have 234 players, there is a lot of future here, but it is a long-term job ", explains Álvaro Campos, SIP schools coordinator.

During this 2018, there were two festivals among the SIP schools, in which more than 300 boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old attended. The meeting was held at the Manquehue Club and had the support of Kia Motors, sponsors of the Women’s National Team “Las Diablas”.

Sergio 'Cachito' Vigil and Jorge Dabanch, both coaches of the women's and men's teams, provided hockey clinics to the children who played hockey.

"This project is very important and the work we have done over these three years has been with tremendous dedication. 13 schools out of 18 of the SIP Network took part of our workshops. Undoubtedly, the support of the clubs, our coaches (who are dedicate to develop technical and tactical aspects), plus the support of our sponsors, have allowed us to develop this great sport little by little, "says Walter Kramer, Chilean Field Hockey Federation President.

In the same line, Campos adds: "Sport always adds in a positive way, and when we talk about teaching to children who live in social risk areas, sports are extremely important and we are proud to know that field hockey collaborates in that aspect with children who do not have the same opportunity as others ".

The short term challenge is to be able to incorporate children who are part of the SIP schools to be part of the different clubs in Chile (Manquehue, Sport Francés, Universidad Católica, Prince of Wales Country Club, to name a few) and in this way keep developing hockey, especially men's league.

Up to now there are 5 players (4 women and 1 man) who have been incorporated to different clubs. The coordinator of the SIP schools, says “the challenge is accepted”, and they are working to implement uniforms, shoes, sticks, among other instruments, to encourage children to play this great sport.

SIP: Sociedad de Instrucción Primaria De Santiago