2019 PAHF Board

The Pan American Hockey Federation held its Congress and Forum on the 7th of August 2019 during the Pan American Games  in Lima, Peru.

Key highlights from the Congress and Forum

1. President’s Remarks

Alberto ‘Coco” Budeisky welcomed the National Association Delegates to Congress, Leandro Negre FIH Honorary President, Tony von Ondarza and Sue Neill, PAHF Honorary Members, Board Panels and Committee Members, and special guests. PAHF President congratulated the Peruvian Federation, the host nation, who opened its doors to the most important competition in the Americas, the Pan American Games, a qualifier for Tokyo 2020.

Mr Budeisky, highlighted that in PAHF we work together toward a shared purpose to ensure the development of hockey in the continent.  With different experiences, working in different scenarios and with a wide variety of skills sets, PAHF works together to achieve its goal.

PAHF challenge is to continue building and providing opportunities for young leaders who will promote hockey. PAHF and PAHF Nations must commit to the values of transparency to ensure PAHF remains a healthy organization which provides training opportunities in all areas, strengthening National Associations and ensuring a legacy for our sport.

PAHF president remarked that PAHF has a strong foundation and as the 60th anniversary is celebrated, the federation is committed to become even stronger federation, embracing change, coming out of our comfort zone, thinking out of the box and taking risks.

The President invited the National Federations to be part of the change!

2. Change of Statutes and Elections

The amendments of the statutes were approved as presented.

Mary Ciccinelli was re elected as Honorary Treasurer for a 4 year term.

The following Ordinary Members of the Board  were elected as follows:

- Gianni Delucchi (PER) (re-elected 4 year term)
- Maureen Craig Rousseau (TTO) (re-elected 4 year term)
- Bree Gillespie (USA) (re-elected 4 year term)

Tricia Fiedtkou (GUY) is the new Board Member elected for a two year term.

3. Awards

The following awards were presented by the President.

The Order of Merit for the significant contribution to PAHF to:

- Mendoza, Rodolfo “Chiche”  (ARG)
- Pigretti, Laura (ARG)
- St Rose, Roger (TTO)

President’s Award presented to those federations who had an outstanding work on their development
- Bermuda Hockey Federation
-  Cuban Hockey Federation
-  Guyana Hockey Board
-  Jamaica Hockey Federation

4. Forum “Be part of the Change”

Felipe Montegu, PAHF Athletes Committee Chair, opened the Forum and cantered his presentation on PAHF rebranding; he provided the results of the Branding Workshop that was led by MagiaLiquid.

The following concepts summarize the outcomes of the Workshop:

Purpose Statement
PAHF Purpose is to teach, expand, and support NAs and hockey players around the continent through amazing hockey experiences.

PAHF is the only federation that facilitates the development of a clean, social and family sport, creating opportunities for all.

PAHF is an organization which unites is continental members through the passion for hockey and its activities.

Sportsman passionate for hockey. Has a positive attitude, is friendly and visionary. Respects and treats everyone equally, as he/she believes that everyone contributes great value to the group. It establishes relationships which are direct, close and transparent. He/she believes in the power of sports and how it generates ties between people. It keeps a healthy lifestyle.

Mike Joyce, Director of FIH Foundation presented PAHF/FIH Hockey2024 objectives to grow hockey in Pan America, and to provide the opportunity for members to establish their own national goals and a timeline to produce an implementation plan.

One of the main points of the Forum was the Engagement and empowerment of young leaders in the National Associations

Presentations by Soledad Garcia, former “Leona” on her involvement in hockey after retirement and the Young Leader Juan Sanchez under the IOC Program of Young Leaders showed National Associations the different paths to involve young leaders whose projects are making an impact in their nations and beyond.

Silvina Gorrissen leader of the Para Hockey movement in Argentina inspired Nations to join PAHF Para Hockey Program.