From PAHF we want to be with you in this difficult moment, that's why we decided to transform this situation into an opportunity to generate free webinars. It is the first time in PAHF’s history that we are developing this kind of platforms. We want to be close to you and we believe that this is a good way to do it.


PAHF Webinars are online chats. Thanks to the unconditional support of our coaches, umpires, players, and officials we developed the following calendar so that our community can join, interact and learn.



Signing up is very easy


Click on the link of the webinar of your interest and complete the form.

Close to the start date you will receive an email with the login data for the webinar.


Remember that we have limited number of participants and that throughout these days we will be adding more content.


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Herramientas de Control y Manejo del Partido
Soledad Iparraguirre 31/3


Tecnicas Despeje c/ Guantes y Piernas PORTEROS

Inés Delgado 1/4


COACHING - Bloqueos

Nicolás Tixe 2/4


Introduction of Hockey at early Years

Virgina Casabo 3/4 



COACHING - The Shoot Out - Game within the Game

Anthony Marcano 6/4


COACHING - Plan and Execute a Training Session

Pablo Mendoza 7/4


El Oficial Tecnico (Juez de Mesa) Internacional

Lorena Rinaldini  7/4



Tomás Santiago 8/4


UMPIRING - Modern Hockey & Umpires Skills

Roger St Rose 9/4


COACHING - Diseñar ejercicios y entrenamientos

Pablo Mendonza 10/4


Tareas y Responsabilidades de Oficial Tecnico Int

Lorena Rinaldini 10/4


COACHING - Giros, Pases y gestos de despido

Juan Casas 11/4


COACHING - Detalles Tecnicos en Pases y Recepcion

Pablo Mendoza 14/4



Lau Del Colle 15/4




Herramientas de Control y Manejo del Partido 
Soledad Iparraguirre 4/4


COACHING - Detalles Tecnicos en Pases y Recepcion

Pablo Mendoza 4/4 


Inicio de la carrera como árbitros y el rol del Manager de árbitros

Soledad Iparraguirre 9/4