Every year, on 23 June, Olympic Day is celebrated all around the world to commemorate the birth of the modern Olympic Games and invite people to get physically active. 

In this challenging year, let’s show the world the power and strength of Hockey’s Olympic spirit!

See attached information to find out how to join up in this celebration.

How to celebrate Olympic Day 

Ask your national hockey community, including all your players, coaches, officials, etc, to engage online by creating their own short videos around one of the following three messages from this year’s IOC campaign about Olympic Day

  • #StayStrong – Mental & emotional Wellbeing – e.g. message/short story of overcoming adversity;
  • #StayHealthy – Covid 19 info and nutrition – e.g. staying safe, home cooking;
  • #StayActive – Physical wellbeing – e.g. keeping fit, hockey skills at home.

Don’t forget to communicate about your Olympic Day project across all communications channels, including social media, to attract people to your activities and share the fun of hockey during the event. We urge you to inform NOC representatives, IOC members, government representatives, VIPs who can help you raise the profile of your digital activation.

Official Hashtags for 2020 Olympic Day are:
#StayStrong  #StayHealthy  #StayActive  #PlayHockeyStayHealthy  #OlympicDay

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