•  Rule 1.7c of Equipment and Field specifications section (regarding goal nets) : “the nets must hang outside, or be attached to, the side-boards and back-board, in such a way that the nets are loose and there is no possibility that a ball could rebound off the nets back into the field of play”.

  •  Rule 4.2 (regarding the use of knee pads) : “Knee pads, used for this purpose, may be worn outside the socks provided that their colour is exactly the same as the colour of the socks or black”.

  •  Rule 5.1 (regarding decisions taken by an umpire at the end of a period) : “if time expires just before an umpire would otherwise have made a decision, umpires are permitted to make that decision immediately after the end of any period of the match.”

  •  Rule 13.3a (regarding time stops after the award of a penalty corner) : “time and play is stopped after a penalty corner is awarded and re-started when the teams are ready. Teams must take the minimum time to take their positions and put on protective equipment (as a guide up to 30 seconds) and play is re-started when the teams are ready”.

Note that this is not a change in the Rules of Indoor Hockey, it is simply an update to address specific issues arising from existing competitions.

The rules cycle remains unchanged and a review of the Rules of Hockey is expected to take place after the Indoor World Cup.


An updated version of the Rules of Hockey can be found in the FIH website via this link: