SANTO DOMINGO.- The Dominican Hockey Federation (FDH) and the Ministry of Sports will train coaches and monitors with the aim of continuing to develop hockey at national level.

Considering the fact that international coaches, mainly Cubans, are not in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both the FDH and the Miderec determined to join forces “to train Dominican coaches who have experiences and conditions in this sport, to prepare the athletes of the discipline ”, assured Miguel Hernández, president of the FDH, who met with the coach of Miderec, Neftalí Ventura.

"We met with Mr. Ventura (Neftalí), and we addressed various issues, mainly training, regarding the national and international events that we have in 2021," Hernández said.

He anticipated that even though the pandemic has reduced the beginning of the activities of this sport at the national level, they have planned a number of activities.

"We talked about the reformulation of the calendar and adjusted the activities for December 2021, we will adjust pending events and dates of training and national competitions between the different associations," argued Hernández.

He pointed out that the Municipal Games are part of Miderec's policy, so it will work with the 11 associations of the FDH, since the event is part of the activities for the National Games.

"We want to involve the municipalities so that hockey expands. That is our mission and those Games are part of this project," Hernández said. The event is scheduled for October this year.

"We have a presence in 11 provinces of the country, so we will make a program to involve the municipalities, so that they can be included and that are not only the provincial capital teams, it is an integration of all municipalities, which is the idea and what the Federation wants to do, so that hockey continues to expand at the National level ”, he said.

Nota vía: El Nuevo Diario