Followed by intermittent rain, with three games in total, today the men and women of Trinidad Tobago and Argentina debuted in their first games.

Meanwhile, it was the second match for Canada and the United States.

Women: Argentina v Uruguay (0-0)
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After a series of difficulties to arrive in Chile, Las Leoncitas from Argentina managed to reach Santiago to join the Pan-American Championship and it was this Monday where they debuted with a 0-0 draw over the Uruguayan team.

 It should be remembered that Uruguay made its debut in the Pan American Championship during the first day of matches where it tied with the Canadian team with a score similar achieved today with Argentina.

 Although the scoreboard ended without a goal, the trans-Andean women managed to reach the area several times, not being able to realize the opportunities they had thanks to plays and also because of the creation of a penalty corner.

 Argentina will continue their participation during the morning of this Tuesday where they will face the Canadian team and with this last match the semifinals’ keys will be defined.


Women: USA v Trinidad & Tobago (15-0)
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The United States continues with victories in the Junior Women's Pan American Championship. Yesterday, with a tighter score, won over Chile and today in the debut of Trinidad and Tobago in the tournament, they consolidated as leaders of their group after winning 15-0.

 The goals were present in the first, second and fourth quarter, being Ashley Sessa (3), Charlotte de Vries (5), Hope Rose (3), Sofia Southam (2), Madeleine Zimmer and Abigail Tammer.

 For this Tuesday, the United States will have the day off and Trinidad and Tobago will face Chile in the last pool B key.


Men: USA v Argentina (0-2)
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With two goals in favor and none against, Los Leones began their participation in the Pan American Championship with a solid victory that puts them ahead of the semi-finals.

The celebration did not take long to arrive a few minutes into the game and it was thanks to the player Martín Fernández in the 4th minute.

Despite the pressure that the United States tried to install throughout the game, they could not tie the game and during Q4, led by Bruno Stellato, Argentina solidified their triumph.

The next crosses of both teams are with Trinidad and Tobago. The first it will be against the USA this Tuesday and on Wednesday afternoon it will be Argentina's turn.