Canada v Argentina
Women: Canada v Argentina (1-0)

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The first of the four matches of this fourth day of the PAC was key for what was to come in the next days of women and the definition of who entered the semifinals key.

Those in charge of giving the opening whistle this Wednesday were the women of Argentina and Canada, a match full of emotion and intensity and that ended in favor of the Canadians by the minimum.

Despite the fact that Canada had to defend their area for a big part of the game, it was through a penalty corner that captain Sara Goodman made the difference on the scoreboard.

The Canadian semifinal will be on August 27.

Men: Canada v Brazil (3-0)
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A second victory was taken by Canada during this session, the men's Junior national team beat Brazil 3-0 in a match marked by the pressure of the Canadians.

In the second quarter and through a penalty corner, Sean Davis was in charge of opening the scoring in favor of Canada to continue playing until the next quarter, where again by penalty corner, Jagpreet Singh made the first of the two goals of the match in minute 40 '.

The same repeated and increased the score in favor of Canada two minutes after the end of the game.

Thus the junior boys locate as the first semi-finalists of the Pan American in Santiago.

Women: Trinidad & Tobago v Chile (0-11)
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Despite a suffered start last weekend when las diablitas of Chile faced the United States, today they celebrated their second game and ticket to the semifinals that situate them in second place in pool B.

During this fourth day of the Pan American Championship, Trinidad and Tobago faced Chile, being a match mainly in favor of the locals, who made 11 goals and make the difference from minute 4 'of the game.

The first goal - which would later repeat the celebration - was from the player Fernanda Arrieta after four minutes.

The score that ended at 11-0 was led with three goals by player number 10, Simone Avelli, followed by Fernanda Ramirez (2), Dominga Lüders, Antonia Irazoqui, Constanza Jugo, Carolina Mujica.

This Thursday, las diablas will face Canada in the semifinal.


Men: Trinidad & Tobago v USA (2-3)
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An intense match was experienced by the United States and Trinidad and Tobago, which was minute by minute. Even with a draw that kept the tension on the benches ahead of the semi-final.

The scoring was opened at 12 'by captain Teague Marcano through a penalty corner and tied at 21' by American Jatin Sharma.

The next two goals come in the 30’ minute, first from the United States with Joel Daniel with field play and seconds later Mehtab Grewal would tie the scoreboard.

The relief for the Americans would come five minutes from the final whistle, Brett Eisner score the goal of the tiebreaker and generated the victory for the United States.


Men: Mexico v Chile (1-5)
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The last match of the date faced Chile and Mexico.

Both teams with the possibility of qualifying for the semifinals.

During the start of the game, both teams tried to maintain control of the game, passing the ball and looking for opportunities to open the scoreboard. Chile was the first to capitalize their arrivals 5 minutes from the start with a penalty corner goal from Andrés Pizarro.

Chile was not satisfied with just 1 goal and immediately sought to widen the difference and after a magnificent play by Benjamin Koster he managed to score his second goal of the game and 5 minutes later they scored their third goal.

Mexico had to react and with 3 minutes remaining in the second quarter they achieved the discount through a penalty corner.

The second half of the game was intense. Mexico knew they needed a victory to qualify but Chile was willing to increase the difference on the scoreboard and did so by scoring a stroke and a penalty corner goal.

The match ended 5-1.