Chile v USA

Argentina and host Chile qualify for the Final of the Pan American Junior Championship (and earn an automatic berth for the Junior World Cup) after defeating Canada and the USA.

Men: Trinidad & Tobago v Brazil (4-2)
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In the definition of sixth and seventh place, the teams of Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago faced each other in this penultimate round of Junior Pan American Championship in Santiago.

After 60 minutes of game, the scoreboard ended 4-2 in favor of Trinidad and Tobago, who opened the scoring in the first minute of the game with a penalty corner of Teague Marcano. Just two minutes later, the youngsters from T&T widened the score in their favor 2-0 with another penalty corner, this time Aidan Marcano would be the scorer. The same, later would allow his team to leave a solid 3-0 to end the first half with another goal at minute 20 '.

During the second half and having changed the defensive and attacking technique, Brazil managed to make two goals. Both by Paulo Rigueira and from a penalty corner, the first at minute 30 and then at minute 32.

Finally, and during the quarter of time, Trinidad and Tobago sealed the sixth place leaving the score 4-2 over Brazil thanks to the last penalty corner of the match, which in the 56th minute was a goal thanks to Ghardel Elcock.

Men – Semi-Final: Argentina v Canada (2-1)
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After the victory against Canada in a tight match where the pressure from both teams was constant throughout the 60 ', Los Leoncitos from Argentina beat Canada 2-1.

The goals were completed by a penalty corner by the trans-Andean Bruno Stellato, the first at 5' and then at 55 '.

Despite pressure from Canada until the final whistle and Aaron Foong's goal at minute 48, the youngsters failed to tie the game.

With this victory, the Argentine team got a place in the Junior World Cup.

Men – Semi-Final: Chile v USA (4-0)
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Neither the cold and cloudy day was a barrier for the Chilean fans that, as has been the trend during the tournament, filled the stands to support los diablos in the game that defined their ticket to the Junior World Cup.

An intense game, which was experienced both on and off the pitch. The United States achieved several arrivals, but none achieving a goal and Chile – apart from getting several penalty corners and only one as a goal - kept a constant attack in the American area.

The locals beat the Americans 4-0 with goals from Andrés Pizarro (9 'and 45'), Raimundo Valenzuela (51 ') and Francisco Cerda (58').

With this victory, Chile secures its place in the World Cup and this Saturday it faces Argentina for the gold medal of the Junior Pan American Championship Santiago 2021.