Canada v Uruguay

Men – Final Standings:
1) Chile
2) Argentina
3) USA
4) Canada
5) Mexico
6) Trinidad & Tobago
7) Brazil

Women – Final Standings:
1) Canada
2) Uruguay
3) USA
4) Chile
5) Argentina
6) Trinidad & Tobago

Men – Individual Awards
Player of the Tournament: Teague Marcano, TTO
Goal-keeper of the Tournament: Agustin Araya, CHI
Top goal scorer: Andrés Pizarro, CHI (7 goals)

Women – Individual Awards
Player of the Tournament: Hope Rose, USA
Goal-keeper of the Tournament: Maria Bate, URU
Top goal scorer: Charlotte Vries, USA (5 goals)

Men – Final: Argentina v Chile (1-1 shoot-out 2-3)
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A tough match, which at times had the Argentine team as leader in pressure and others both in favor of Chile. A long-awaited final that was accompanied by full of fans and hockey family who shouted and especially cheered for the local.

The goal for the local team took a long time to arrive and is that after three penalty corners in a row, the captain of Chile and goal scorer of the tournament, Andrés Pizarro, managed to score the 1-0.

The intensity was maintained until the last minute, just 3 minutes into the game Argentina reversed the disadvantage with a field goal from Tobias Viviana.

In shoot outs, the intensity did not drop between the two teams. And after the series of five shots, at 3-2, los diablos won with goals from Francisco Cerda, Benjamin Koster and Kai Gesswein.

With both teams classified for the Junior World Cup to be played at the end of the year, the junior team  of Chile  were crowned as champions of the Santiago 2021 Junior Pan American Championship.

Men – 3rd place: Canada v USA (1-1 shoot-out 3-4)
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An intense match. And in minute 9 ', the player Jasgpreet Singh, converted the first goal and gave advantage by the minimum to Canada, nothing foreshadowed that the pressure of each team would keep the score 1-0, until the minute 34'.

The score changed - and from there it remained until the 60th minute - thanks to the stroke taken in favor of the United States and which would tie it with a goal from Jatin Sharma.

The excitement and intensity would also continue during the shoot outs, where the United States won 4-2, with SO from Tymen Kloen, Christian De Angelis, Amardeep Khokhar and Jatin Sharma.

With this result, the United States returns with the bronze medal to its country and is the Pan American reserve team for the next Junior World Cup in the category.

Men – 5th place: Trinidad & Tobago v Mexico (4-5)
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An intense last day of hockey was experienced at the Junior Pan American in Santiago, which began at 8  in the morning with the definition of 5th and 6th place for men, in which Trinidad and Tobago and Mexico faced each other.

The game between these last two squads continued until the 58th minute tied 4-4, where Mexico managed to tie the tie with a goal from Alexander Sandoval.

During the game, Trinidad and Tobago's goals were executed by Daniel Joel (17 ') and Teague Marcano, Captain of the squad in minutes 5', 51 'and 52'.

Meanwhile, the winners of Mexico scored their goals with Alexander Sandoval (2) in minutes 44 'and 58', Erick Hernández in minutes 28 ', André Benedith when the clock showed 36' and Brian Rangel at 39 '.

Women – Final: Canada v Uruguay (1-0)

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Faced with an advantageous Canada that maintained several attacks on the Uruguayan area, the score remained until the fourth quarter 0-0 thanks to the solid defense of the Uruguayan goalkeeper Maria Bate and their team mates.

However, in the 53rd minute of the last quarter, the player number 6 , Anna Mollenhahuer, would be in charge of unleashing the celebrations just seven minutes from the end of the game, is that after a penalty corner, the player concretized by the minimum difference the advantage to become Junior Champions of the Pan American Championship in Santiago.

At the final whistle, the party for the Canadian bench did not wait. After receiving the cup and medal for the wished first place, the U21s from Canada sang the national anthem.

Women – 3rd place: Chile v USA (1-1 shoot-out 2-3)

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The third and last place in the World Cup in South Africa was measured at the same time as the third place in the Pan American tournament.

A game, where the stands were also filled to support las Diablas, remained in the uncertainty and emotion of the 1-1 until the final minute.

The scoring was quickly opened with a penalty  of which the American Skyler Caron scored at minute 2 ’, when the match was just beginning.

As the game progressed and despite repeated opportunities for a penalty corner and arrival in the area by Chile and the United States, the game ended 1-1 and had an exciting definition of shoot outs.

Already in shoot outs, the winners began with  disadvantage over Chile on the first shoot out, it was with goals from Charlotte de Vries, Skyler Caron and Hope Rose's , with which the United States won the match.

With this victory, the United States secures the place for South Africa and takes the bronze medal.