Brazil vs. Paraguay

(women) Brazil 1 - Paraguay 2

The first day of the Panam Challenge 2021 began with the match between the women's teams from Brazil and Paraguay. In a game with a lot of physical effort, "Las Aguaras" beat the Brazilians 2 -1.

During the first period of the match, both teams failed to break the rival goal, but it would be Paraguay who would score the first goal through their defender Ana Samudio.

The joy would not last long for the Aguaras, as the Brazilian team would manage to tie the score through Alice Queiroz 25 minutes into the game and reach half time with a draw.

Brazil and Paraguay had no truce; However, it was Paraguay who step by step took the game to the rival field thanks to the unfolding of its players. This is how at 39", after a series of penalty corners, Lilian Acuña would score the second goal and give the victory to the Paraguayan team.

On the second day, Paraguay will face  Trinidad and Tobago, and Brazil will face the Peruvian team.

(women) Peru 0 - Trinidad & Tobago 1

The teams of Peru and Trinidad & Tobago would meet in the second match of the first day of the Panam Challenge 2021, in a match that did not give truces until the last minute.

Peruanas and Trinidadians reached the last period of the game with their goals unbeaten. Both teams were looking to win, refusing to give up, until Brianna Govia, Trinidad and Tobago's No. 8 jersey, would score the only goal of the match.

For the second day, the Trinidadians will face the Paraguayan team, and Peru will face the Brazilian team.

(men) Ecuador 0 - Mexico 15

The first day of the Hockey Panam Challenge would end with the match between Mexico and Ecuador in the men's pool.

The match was resolved at an early stage, because in the first period the Mexican squad would score 6 goals, imposing its experience in this kind of competition against the Ecuadorian team.

Luis Villegas,  number 23 of the Mexican team, led the triumph of his team scoring 3 of the 15 goals. The difference increase from the first period, the Ecuadorian team, #83 in the FIH ranking, never gave up against the attacks of the opponent team.

For tomorrow, the Mexican team will face the Peruvian team and Ecuador will rest until the third day.