Gold Medal: Peru

Men – Final Standings:
1) Mexico 
2) Peru
3) Ecuador

Women – Final Standings:
1) Peru 
2) Trinidad & Tobago
3) Paraguay
4) Brazil

Mexico and Peru (men) and Peru and Trinidad & Tobago (women) qualify for the next Pan American Cups, scheduled for January 2022 in Santiago, Chile.

Men – Individual Awards
Player of the Tournament: Jorge Gómez, MEX
Goal-keeper of the Tournament: Lincoln Palacios, ECU
Top goal scorers: Francisco Aguila, MEX)
   and Luis Villegas, MEX (7 goals)

Women – Individual Awards
Player of the Tournament: Victoria Penayo, PAR
Goal-keeper of the Tournament: Carolina Müller, BRA
Top goal scorer: Marina Montes, PER (4 goals)

Men – Mexico v Peru (7-0)
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The final in the men's pool of the Pan American Challenge 2021 again found the teams of Mexico and Peru, who faced each other in the round robin with the Mexican team as the winner by seven goals to zero.

Both teams sought victory from the first minute and it would be Mexico who managed to impose their game and score the first goal at 4’, through Alexander Sandoval, shirt number 10. The Mexicans knew how to control the rival's attempts to reach the goal and with goals in 10’ and 25’, they further consolidated their advantage on the scoreboard.

In the third quarter, the Mexicans regulated their forces and the Peruvians began to make progress on play creation. However, in the fourth period, the Mexicans scored 4 times, consolidating their victory and absolute supremacy in the tournament.

With this result, Peru was left with the silver medal and the Mexicans were the champions of the Pan American Hockey Challenge 2021.


Women – Final: Peru v Trinidad & Tobago (2-0)
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The last game of the Pan American Challenge 2021 Hockey held in Lima, Peru, had a battle between the teams of Peru and Trinidad and Tobago for the first place in the women's pool.

The Peruvians took revenge for the first clash they faced the Trinidadians. On that occasion, Trinidad and Tobago took the victory on the last play of the match.

Both teams failed to score in the first quarter. Minute 26 into the game, Solange Alonso, shirt number 3 of the Peruvian team, scored the first and filled the Peruvian fan with enthusiasm who, as in all the matches of the tournament, stood on top of a house near the field of play to encourage them.

The minutes passed. The fatigue was evident in both teams and there was an uncertainty. But, the forward of the Peruvian team, Peru's number 7 , Marina Montes, sealed the triumph of her team and unleashed the joy of her people.

At the end of the 2021 Pan American Challenge, Trinidad and Tobago won the silver medal and Peru took the gold medal.

Women – 3rd place: Brazil v Paraguay (1-3)
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The last day of the Pan American Challenge 2021 hockey held in the city of Lima, Peru, began with the game between the teams of Brazil and Paraguay.

In the semifinal round, Brazil lost against the Peruvian team 2-0 and Paraguay lost to Trinidad and Tobago in shootouts by 4-3 scores.

Paraguay began with pressure in the Brazilians' field. A few minutes into the game, Ana Paula Samudio would score the first for Las Aguaras through a penalty corner. After the goal, Brazil would look for the tying goal but could not undermine the defensive deployment of its rival. Before the end of the second quarter, a great combination of the Paraguayans entering through the center of the Brazilian defense would give them the second goal.

The rhythm of the game was controlled by Las Aguaras but the tiredness began to generate spaces in the defense that Brazil knew how to take advantage of. Ten minutes from the end, Gabriela Schlemper, shirt number 13 of the Brazilian team, would score and would restore the hope to her team of achieving the victory.

However, 5 minutes before the end, María Catebra would seal the victory for the Paraguayan team and third place in the tournament.

Thus, Brazil was left without achieving victories in the championship, and Paraguay managed to win the bronze medal in the Pan American Challenge 2021.