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Women – Canada vs. Trinidad & Tobago: 13-0

A match with a notable goal difference and full advantage for the Canadian team was the first of this fifth day of the Pan American Cup, where they beat Trinidad and Tobago 13-0.

The scoreboard was opened by Elise Wong, who, through a field play, made it 1-0 for Canada in the 6th minute of the match. In the 7th minute Madison Thompson would score her first goal. She would score again twice (11'and 39') in the goal defended by Arresia Sandy from TTO.

Those who also scored for Canada were Thora Rae (18', 20' and 60'), Anna Mollenhauer (55'), Karli Johansen (17'), Natalie Sourisseau (26'), Sara McManus (34'), Madeline Secco (24 ´) and Brienne Stairs (30´)

Following the result, Canada is positioned as second in the group B with 6 points and 25 goals.

Women: Peru vs. USA : 0-20

With an average of goals every two minutes, the North Americans won against Peru 20-0, in the match – until now – where the most goal difference has been achieved by a team.

The top scorer of the match was Erin Matson who scored a total of seven goals (30', 27', 42', 46', 59' and 50').  Danielle Grega score four goals  (26´, 33´, 52´ and 56´), Lauren Moyer – who scored first goal of the game also scored 2 more  (6´, 29´ and 51´).

Meanwhile, with two goals each, Elizabeth Yaeger and Hope Rose also scored for USS, in addition Amanda Magadan (USA captain) scored one goal, as well as Madeleine Zimmer and Sofia Southam. 

It was a good game, where the United States marked its superiority from the beginning, managed the pace of the game and capitalized almost all its attacks. 

US Women lead group B with 9 points and 38 goals in favor. 

Women – Uruguay vs. Chile : 0-4

With packed stands, fans at the PWCC enjoyed  “Las Diablas” triumph in a close match against the Cimarronas of Uruguay, a key game for the Chileans that would define their qualification to the quarterfinals.

Chile led throughout the game, with a total of 6 penalty corners for the Diablas ( They capitalized 4 of them) - while the Cimarronas with 3 ( they could not score on any occasion).  

The match for both teams was very even, as Chile had 19 shots on goal, while Uruguay had 17. 

The Chileans' goals were scored by María Jesus Maldonado, Camila Caram, Fernanda Arrieta and Fernanda Flores, all four as we mentioned before thanks to penalty corner plays.

After the result of today's game, Chile will face the Trinidad & Tobago.

To see pictures, game sheets, goals and cards, click here.