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Women – Canada vs. Uruguay: 1-1 (shoot-out: 3-0)

A very tight crossover with ball control and entries in the area but without too many goals.

It was a match with too much tension, with both teams knowing that the winner would get the ticket to the semifinals.

The scoreboard of the match opened in the 9th minute of the first quarter after a play by Elise Wong, a minute later Teresa Viana, the captain of the Cimarronas tied the match through a penalty corner, very well executed by the Uruguayan team.

For the next 50 minutes there were no more goals. The teams took control of the ball but none managed to score in their multiple entrances to the circle.

In statistics, Uruguay had the advantage, since the Cimarronas managed to shoot 13 times versus Canada's 6, the same way was on the penalty corners, 9 for Uruguay and only one for those who won the match.

The end of the game remained 1-1 and was settled in shootouts, giving more emotion to the ticket to semi-finals and was a solid 3-0 victory for Canada.

It is important to highlight the great performance of the goalkeeper Rowan Harris (GK) who saved 3 shots from Uruguay.

For Canada, Amanda Woodcroft, Madeleine Secco and Natalie Sourisseau scored.

Women – Chile vs. Trinidad & Tobago : 11-0

With a stadium full of fans, Las Diablas played their ticket to the semifinals against Trinidad and Tobago.

With a clear dominance for the host team, playing most of the time in TTO field, Las Diablas scored a total of 11 goals and are getting ready to face USA.

Chile took control from the start and managed to score their first goal in the 7th minute after an individual play by Mariana Lagos. Fernanda Arieta scored for 2-0 and Denise Losada through a penalty corner extended the difference to 3-0.

In the second quarter of the match, Chile failed to capitalize their entrances into the circle until the 26th minute when Consuelo de las Heras, who had 50 caps for Chile, scored for 4-0.

The third and fourth quarters of the game were very similar in terms of field play and goals. Las Diablas managed to score 3 more goals per quarter.

Chile managed to perform 44 shots and 12 penalty corners.

The goals were scored by Mariana Lagos, Fernanda Arrieta (2), Denise Krimerman (2), Consuelo De Las Heras, Manuela Urroz (2), Francisca Tala, Sofía Filipek, María Jesús Maldonado.

The women's team will play the semifinals on Thursday at 4:00 p.m. where Argentina will face Canada and later at 6:30 p.m., it will be the chance for Las Diablas against the USA.

To see pictures, game sheets, goals and cards, click here.