Bermuda Women win CAC Qualifier

The 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games Qualifier began on Tuesday, April 13 and ended on April 17 in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Bermuda and Puerto Rico, the two best teams after playing round robin, qualify for the 2023 Hockey CAC Games in El Salvador.

5 days of pure emotions and exciting matches. The evolution of the Central American and Caribbean teams resulted in close & competitive games.

On April 16 Puerto Rico played against Jamaica and Guyana played against Bermuda. 

The first game ended  in a draw 1-1. It was a match with a lot of ball control but without danger inside the circle. Puerto Rico pressured Jamaica until the end of the game but only capitalized one of many attacks. That same day,  with a stadium full of fans who came to cheer on the local team, Bermuda took over  Jamaica 2-1 and sealed their first victory of the competition.

The second day of the CAC Qualifiers Jamaica played against Puerto Rico and Bermuda played against Guyana.

2 really intense games, as all the teams knew that the playing points of the day were going to be key to their classification.

The first match of the day ended 1-1. Puerto Rico opened the score in the 32nd minute and tried to keep control of the game. Jamaica did not give up and kept fighting until the end and managed to capitalize on one of their many attacks. 

The second match of the day was one of the most exciting matches we have experienced during the tournament. Both teams knew the importance of this game and that nervousness was noticeable in each play. Bermuda knew that if they achieved a victory, they would seal their qualification for the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games. Just 1 minute from the end of the match and after a quick play from the local team, they managed to score 1-0. The entire stadium celebrated the victory knowing that those 3 points were all they needed.

On the last day of the CAC Qualifiers, everything was to be defined. Jamaica was facing Guyana and knew that to qualify they needed a victory and at the same time wait for the result of the match between Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

The Jamaicans took over Guyana 1-0 with a goal scored by Imauny Linton. Guyana played intensely every minute of the game but Jamaica managed to defend well and kept their goal at 0 . Marzana Fiedtkou and Gabriella Xavier celebrated 50 caps for the Guyana national team.

Bermuda and Puerto Rico played the last match of the CAC Qualifiers. The local team wanted the 3 points and on the other hand Puerto Rico needed to tie or win to qualify. It was a very even game, both teams had chances to score but they couldn't capitalize their attacks. The match ended 0-0, Puerto Rico obtained the point they were looking for and both teams qualified for the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games.

Final Standings
1- Bermuda
2- Puerto Rico
3- Jamaica

Individual Awards
Player of the Tournament: Maha CLARKE (BER)
Top Scorer: Shareeka ELLIOTT (JAM) and Josefina FREANEY (PUR), 2 goals
Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Alysa XAVIER (GUY)