The wait is over! It is time to enjoy the 2022 South American Youth Games. From this Thursday, May 5 to Sunday, May 8, we will be entertained with 4 days of pure hockey.

This tournament will oppose 8 teams:  Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile on the MEN’s side and Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile on the WOMEN’s side, in a round robin mode. Two 10-minute halves are played with an interval of 2 minutes, so the matches are super dynamic and attractive to watch.

The first day of competition was exciting, we watched each game with a stadium full of fans cheering and many families rooting for their children on their first experience in an international tournament.



The nervousness and anxiety to play the first match of the tournament was evident and that was probably why neither of the two teams could score goals until the 6th minute of the match. Carolina Curcio from Uruguay had the honor of scoring the first goal of the competition.

But the advantage was going to last only a few seconds as Argentina reacted very fast and Valentina REBESBERGER scored the tying goal. Two minutes later Ambar CAUCIGH after two very powerful shots widened the difference even more and the halftime ended 3-1 in favor of Argentina.

The second part of the match was very similar to the first half. Both teams attacked, displayed their game but nobody could find the way to score. Just 2 minutes from the end, after an individual move, Lourdes ESTIGARRIA managed to score the 4th goal for Argentina. Just seconds from the end of the game, Uruguay managed to score reduced the difference to two goals.


It was a match with a very similar start to the previous one: Chile displayed its game from the beginning and quickly showed superiority, but Paraguay was strong defensively and avoided any possibility of scoring. Chile did not manage to open the score until the 8th minute of the match, with two goals in one minute, Ignacia ORELLANA and Nicole TARP-HANSEN, put Chile 2-0 before halftime.

The second half was completely different, Chile was able to modify the mistakes made and managed to score 3 more goals.


Uruguay came out determined to win the match from the start. With a different attitude, involved in each play and eager to score goals. They attacked the whole game and were willing to fight every ball until the end with one goal in mind: winning the first 3 points of the championship.

Sol Martinez opened the scoring quickly with two goals in minutes 5 and 6. Maria Rodríguez took advantage of the team's momentum and scored two goals in less than one minute! Justina ARREGUI scored the last goal and Uruguay closed the first half 5-0.

Paraguay knew how correct the mistakes made in the first half and managed to neutralize Uruguay's attacks, and took control of the game. With 3 minutes left Guillermina CARASSALE managed to capitalize on the repeated attacks and score the 6th goal, Maria Rodríguez scored the final goal of the game.


The last match of the women's pool faced Chile with Argentina.

Argentina imposed their game and quickly scored. After the goal, Chile knew how to defend itself and despite looking for spaces to attack, they were unable to score. Argentina managed to widen the difference before the end of the first half and scored the 2nd goal of the game.

The second half of the match was similar to the first half where Chile tried to attack but Argentina took advantage of their attacks and the match ended 4-0.




Argentina imposed their game and power from the start. Simon Caisello was in charge of opening the score for the team, who knew that if he managed to take control of the pace of the game, neutralize the Brazilian attacks and capitalize on their arrivals, they weren't going to have any trouble.

The team understood the message and made it noticeable in the result by scoring 4 goals per half, with the final score 8-1 for Argentina.


Chile showed all its experience and won 12-0 against Bolivia.

The Chilean men's team took center stage, however we should highlight the amazing performance of Felipe Richards and Javier Vargas, who scored 4 and 3 goals, respectively.

"The game was very good, at first a little bit complicated, the team was very effective with passing and was able to score several goals, so we are very happy about that," said the captain of the Diablitos Felipe Richards.


Brazil wanted to the first victory of the championship and came out determined to look for it. It was a controlled game by the Brazilians. With 6 goals per half, Brazil sealed a convincing victory against Bolivia.

Despite the adverse result, Carlos Guzman from Bolivia was excited to be living the experience of playing international matches and told us "Although we have lost, I am proud to be able to represent the country, the team is happy to be able to participate in this event"


The last match of the day looked promising but changed course quickly. Argentina controlled the game from the start, and scored goals in minute 1, 2 and 3! Chile looked for opportunities to open the score, but it would be Argentina the one able to increase the difference by scoring 3 more goals before half-time.

The second half turned out to be very similar to the first, this time with the Leoncitos scoring 5 goals and closing the game with a total of 11 goals in favor.