• 2018 Indoor World Cup - POL v TTO

    Indoor Hockey Rules clarification  

    We are informing you of a clarification on the guidance note of Rule 14.1d of Indoor Hockey. In order to make it clear for technical officials when to allow suspended players to re-enter the pitch, the following text was added to R 14.1d guidance note. More

  • 2019 - PAHF year in review / repaso del año en la PAHF

    2019 - a PAHF year in review    

    While the big guns of Argentina men and women and USA women are involved and centre stage in the FIH Pro League, and Argentina and Canada men have their sights on Tokyo 2020, for most na-tions within PAHF, it is the news of the Hocky5s World Cup that should be the most exciting. Here is an opportunity for nations who cannot afford multiple astroturf facilities and a state funded national team to really get a foothold on the international stage. More

  • Silvina d'ELIA (ARG) & Kwan Browne (TTO)

    PAHF announces 2019 Pan American Elite Teams  x 2      x 7

    Kwan Browne and Scott Tupper selected a record sixth time

    The Pan American Hockey Federation is pleased to announce the 2019 Pan American Elite Teams. Since 2007, Pan American Elite Teams have been named every two years to recognize the top players in Pan American competitions. More

  • Mary Cicinelli & Tony von Ondarza

    PAHF celebrates Volunteer Day with two stalwarts of the game  

    Mary Cicinelli and Tony von Ondarza

    Indispensable is a strong word to use but sometimes it is the case that an organization has a few key people without whom it would not flourish. That is the case with two of the Pan American Hockey Federation’s (PAHF) stalwart volunteers – Mary Cicinelli and Tony von Ondarza. More

  • 2019 Central American Hockey 5s Championship (women) - PAN v CRC

    High 5s for the smallest member of the hockey family  x 2

    For the purist, Hockey5s or any other iteration of the game is not ‘real’ hockey. Across the ocean in Australia, there was an outcry from fans of traditional 11-a-side hockey when the progressive national association introduced a 9-a-side version of the game. However, it is becomingly increasingly clear that small-sided games must be part of an overall hockey development strategy. More

  • Lima Cricket keeps Women's National Hockey Championship Trophy  

    Oncena de Magdalena beat San Silvestre Sport 1-0 and won the first title played at the stadium built for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. More

  • 2019 Central American Hockey 5s Championships

    2019 Central American Hockey 5s Championships (men & women)  x 2  

    The III Central American Hockey5s Championship Panama 2019 was held at the Oscar Suman Carrillo stadium of the University of Panama from October 21st – 23rd. Among the countries of Central America that were present are Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and Puerto Rico. More

  • 2019 Central American Hockey 5s Championship (men) - GUA v CRC

    Panama Breathes Hockey5s  x 2

    2019 Central American Hockey 5s Championships (men & women)

    After finishing the first two days of the Central American Hockey5s Championship in Panama City, the men & women finalists were defined. More

  • FIH CEO Thierry Weil and WMH President Sean Curran

    Landmark signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between FIH and WMH  

    World Masters Hockey

    FIH CEO Thierry Weil and World Masters Hockey (WMH) President Sean Curran signed the ground-breaking agreement that will bring all Masters Hockey under a single organization within the global FIH hockey community. More

  • Scott Tupper (CAN), Kate Wright (CAN), Kathleen Sharkey (USA), Camila Caram (CHI)

    Two hours of hockey make or break dreams  

    Over two weekends of frenetic hockey action the final places for the men’s and women’s hockey competitions at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 were decided. As was to be expected when so much is at stake there was high drama, heartbreak, excitement, joy, and no little controversy. More