• Day 2 of the Women's Indoor Pan American Championship

    Uruguay has dominating 10-1 win over Peru to start day 2. Venezuela draws with Chile; and Argentina beats USA. More

  • Day 3 of the Men's Indoor Pan American Championship

    Guyana wins first tournament match over host Venezuela. Canada's offense leads team's second tournament win. Uruguay and Mexico end in an intense 1-1 draw. More

  • Rosa de Masa (2009)

    Former PAHF Vice-President Rosa de Massa passed away

    Rosa de Massa played a key role in hockey not only in Argentina or for the Pan American Hockey Federation; she gave a lot of her time to the FIH and for the promotion of hockey worldwide. More

  • Day 2 of the Men's Indoor Pan American Championship

    Canada and Trinidad and Tobago come away with their first tournament wins; while Argentina wins over host Venezuela. More

  • Day 1 of the Men's Indoor Pan American Championship

    On day 1 of the Men's Indoor Pan American Championship, Peru and the United States lead Pools A and B, respectively. Both teams had five goal victories over their opponents. More

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    Day 1 of the Women's Indoor Pan American Championship

    On day 1 of the Indoor Pan American Championship (Women) Uruguay and Argentina lead Pools A and B, respectively. Uruguay had a 6-1 win over Trinidad and Tobago; while Argentina came away with a big 10-0 victory over Chile. More

  • 2010 Men's CAC Games

    2010 CAC Games - Day 10 (Men)

    (7-8) Jamaica vs. Panama : 13 - 0 Jamaica takes the seventh place of the competition and Panama stays in eighth. The Panamanians played well the first half as they only conceded 4 goals but they lost control of the situation in second half, and their defense left many opportunities for the opponent to attack, leading to another 9 goals for a final score of 13-0. (5-6) Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic : 4 - 4 (penalty-strokes: 1-3) An excellent match where host Puerto Rico started with a lot of attitude, being the first ones to score by means of player #2, Joseph AGOSTO VELAZQUEZ. Later on they scored again by means of player #8, Manuel COLON FERNANDEZ at the 19th minute. Then Dominican Republic started scoring by means of player #2, Jeffrey MONCION MALENO at the 24th minute to bring back the score to 2-1. Puerto Rico responded immediately by scoring a penalty stroke and 5 minutes later Dominican Republic did the same in a play by #15, Leonardo SEPULVEDA MIESES, ending... More

  • 2010 Women's CAC Games - Awards Ceremony

    2010 CAC Games - Day 9 (Women)

    7-8) Puerto Rico vs. Bermuda : 1 - 0 Women last day of competition, with Puerto Rico benefiting from a strong local support playing against Bermuda in search of the seventh place. They opened the scoring with the first goal at the 29th minute by player #16, Genesis ROMERO MELENDEZ. From that point forward they made everything possible to score again, unfortunately the girls from Bermuda, even though they couldn't score, did hold their opponent all the way to the end of the match. The scored ended 1-0, with a great win for the host. (5-6) Guyana vs. Jamaica : 0 - 1 It seems like the first one to score wins the game just like the last match. This time Jamaica scored at the 7th minute by means of player #11, Sharee RUSSELL, going up by one goal on the scoreboard and keeping it that way all the rest of the game. Despite arriving constantly both ways, neither team actually scored any more, thus ending 1-0. Jamaica wins the fifth place in the tournament. (3-4) Dominican... More

  • 2010 Men's CAC Games

    2010 CAC Games - Day 8 (Men)

    (5-8) Puerto Rico vs. Jamaica : 3 - 1 On the last day of semi-finals, Puerto Rico the host team goes against Jamaica, trying to go one step further through the Central American and Caribbean Games Mayagüez 2010. With the hope of the home crowd that came to watch them play for 5th place, the Puerto Ricans entered the game with all the courage of winning the game. At the 5th minute player #2, Joseph AGOSTO VELAZQUEZ, scored the first goal, putting some pressure on the Jamaicans but the scored remained the same the rest of the first half. It wasn't until the 46TH minute during the second half that player #8, Manuel COLON FERNANDEZ, scored the second goal. Jamaica responded 10 minutes later with their first goal by means of player Andre GARDENER, #6. On the other hand Puerto had to overcome this and they did it at the 61st minute by scoring the third goal by means of player #27, Ottus FELICIANO SANTIAGO, which would settle the match and assure their opportunity to play... More

  • 2010 Women's CAC Games

    2010 CAC Games - Day 7 (Women)

    (5-8) Guyana vs. Puerto Rico : 1 - 0 First women playoff game: Puerto Rico plays against Guyana looking after the chance to play for 5th place in this tournament. Unfortunately for the locals, they were caught off guard very early in the game at the 3rd minute with a goal by #6, Janelisse RIVERA SANTIAGO. This goal brought victory to Guyana since there were no more changes in score the rest of the game. (5-8) Jamaica vs. Bermuda : 1 - 0 In a tough game, Jamaica's strength and speed wasn't enough to score during the first half, but Bermuda, with its strong defense and counterattacks, couldn't find the goal either. Finally at the 62nd minute, Jamaican player #11, Sharee RUSSELL scored a penalty corner, thus offering the win to her team. (semi) Trinidad & Tobago vs. Dominican Republic : 6 - 1 Dominicans arrived as second place from group B to play against Trinidad and Tobago, first of group A, and get a chance to get into the finals and fight for the first place of the... More