PAHF Sanctioned Events

FIH Sanctioned Events (December 2019)


PAHF Event Manual

March 2019

FIH Regulations Governing the Eligibility of a Player

July 2015

FIH Code of Conduct

April 2015

FIH Code of Conduct + Acknowledgment Form

January 2015 - FIH Code of Conduct, Anti-doping Regulations, Image Rights Policy and Regulations Relating to Betting & Anti-corruption + Acknowledgment and Agreement.
No Participant may participate in an FIH world level event tournament until he/she has signed this acknowledgment and agreement.

FIH Anti-Doping Regulations

December 2015

FIH Anti-Corruption Regulations

July 2012

FIH Social Media Guidelines

August 2017

FIH Tournament Regulations - Outdoors

March 2019

Where significant changes have been made, these are shown with a line in the right hand margin. The specific significant changes are as follows.
- Regulation 5.2h – an additional person is now permitted on the team bench. This person can be designated as having any role, eg assistant coach, physiotherapist, analyst, sports psychologist etc.
- Regulation 13 – the definition of Force Majeure has been added and how it would affect matches cancelled as a result of such an incident. Also included in this regulation is how the statistics from previous matches are handled when a team withdraws or is disqualified.
- Appendix 1 – several Articles have been adjusted to allow for the fact that it is currently not permissible to play with a player having goalkeeper privileges.
- Appendix 15 – it is now permissible to have advertisements on players’ socks
There are several other amendments as well. The opportunity has been taken to clarify some regulations and to try make references as consistent as possible, for example reference is now made to an Event Briefing rather than the pre-event technical meeting.

FIH Tournament Regulations - Indoors

November 2019

Penalties and Sanctions for Non-Compliance with Tournament Regulations and Policies

December 2014

FIH Guidelines for Team Managers

February 2014 - For Team Managers of National Senior and U21 Teams

Medical Guidance - Competitions in Hot and Humid Environments

June 2010

Pregnancy Liability Waiver

January 2013

More FIH Event Management documents