PAHF Sanctioned Events


FIH Regulations Governing the Eligibility of a Player

July 2015

FIH Code of Conduct

April 2015

FIH Code of Conduct + Acknowledgment Form

January 2015 - FIH Code of Conduct, Anti-doping Regulations, Image Rights Policy and Regulations Relating to Betting & Anti-corruption + Acknowledgment and Agreement.
No Participant may participate in an FIH world level event tournament until he/she has signed this acknowledgment and agreement.

FIH Anti-Doping Regulations

December 2015

FIH Anti-Corruption Regulations

July 2012

FIH Social Media Guidelines

August 2017

FIH Tournament Regulations - Outdoors

August 2017

FIH Tournament Regulations - Indoors

December 2015

Penalties and Sanctions for Non-Compliance with Tournament Regulations and Policies

December 2014

FIH Guidelines for Team Managers

February 2014 - For Team Managers of National Senior and U21 Teams

Medical Guidance - Competitions in Hot and Humid Environments

June 2010

Pregnancy Liability Waiver

January 2013

More FIH Event Management documents