2008 South American Championship
Montevideo, Uruguay
March 29 to April 6

(Translation by Carolina Ehlert)

Argentina - Venezuela : 18 - 0
Chile - Paraguay : 8 - 0
Uruguay - Brazil : 2 - 1

Argentina - Venezuela : 18 - 0

Day two began with a tremendous margin of victory on behalf of Argentina to the Venezuela team. Argentina showed great playing skills, opened the field and arrived by all the attack fronts.

Venezuela could not leave their side of the pitch through the entire match, because Argentina pressured all the time. Even though it was a result, which surprised due to the big number of goals, it was expected that Argentina would dominate the 70 minutes of the match.

Argentina is considered one of the strongest candidates of this tournament, overall because of its skills and the perfection of its players at the moment of taking advantage in the penalty corners.

Chile - Paraguay : 8 - 0

Chile started showing great skills before Paraguay, who was more surrender than play. The Chilean team showed great performance and at some moments a good game.

Paraguay entered the pitch after a very tiring trip (due to delays in Argentina), which was reflected in its game. Some players lost physical condition and that was when Chile finished the match off.

Chile took advantage of the penalty corners and one penalty stroke, which left Paraguay without a chance. Together with Argentina, Chile applies for the podium.

Uruguay - Brazil : 2 - 1

The first performance of the Uruguay team was held. The girls in the “junior” category which play in this tournament defeated Brazil.

The match was quite entangled; Uruguay attacked Brazil at all times, preferably by the sides. The Brazilian team made it difficult for Uruguay, even though they only attacked twice and one of them ended in goal.

In the final minutes Uruguay finished the match off after a very good play and satisfied the people who went to watch them in the Carrasco Polo Club.

Good game was shown as well as delivery on behalf of Uruguay.