2008 South American Championship
Montevideo, Uruguay
March 29 to April 6

Paraguay - Uruguay : 0 - 10
Venezuela - Brazil : 2 - 4
Argentina - Chile : 4 - 1

Paraguay - Uruguay : 0 - 10

Uruguay did an excellent game, dominating all the field and blocking their rival in their own area. However, as not even this result allowed them to classify for the final matches, they will have to face Brazil tomorrow for the third position.

Paraguay showed no game whatsoever; beaten by Uruguay throughout the game, they were unable to get hold of the ball for long.

Venezuela - Brazil : 2 - 4

Brazil got a clear victory today against Venezuela. They played a much better game than previous days, which makes it a good signal for the next match, where they will be disputing the bronze medal.

Venezuela started winning the game, but could not stop the Brazilian attack. Taking full advantage of Venezuela’s distractions, Brazil managed to score three times and put a favorable end to their match.

Argentina - chile : 4 - 1

Argentina beat Chile tonight, closing the day with this last match. The Argentines dominated from beginning to end, but found it difficult to score because of Chile’s strong defense on their field.

Taking advantage of Argentina’s distraction, Chile managed to reach the goal and score. This enabled the Chilean team to classify to play the final match tomorrow, facing the same rival: Argentina.