World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival 2005

In conjunction with the Women's Junior World Cup
16-24 September 2005 - Santiago de Chile

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3rd World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival
During the Junior World Cup for women in Santiago de Chile (Chile) the FIH will organise, in close cooperation with the Pan-American Hockey Federation and the Chilean Hockey Association, the 3d World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival for young people between the ages 15 and 21. This festival is only for very special young people - the National Youth Hockey Promoters.

National Youth Hockey Promoters
These Promoters will have won a national competition by designing and producing the best Youth Hockey Promotion. This means that they have drafted a fantastic Youth Hockey Promotion Plan, a web site, a video, a poster, an event or whatever!

This production will be included in the national strategy of their National Hockey Association and the lucky prizewinner will be rewarded with a wonderful trip to Chile. The National Hockey Association will select this National Youth Hockey Promoter.

World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival
In Santiago de Chile, capital of Chile, the Promoters will enter the international competition, presenting their production to the hockey world. The creator of the most outstanding contribution will be awarded the title " Global Youth Hockey Promoter 2005".

Besides presentations there will be youth leaderships workshops, cultural and of course hockey events. The precise content will be drafted once we know how many countries will send a National Youth Hockey Promoter to Chile. To give you an idea we have attached the programme of the second World Youth Hockey Festival in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.

Why are we organising another World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival? The aim of the global Festival is to create hockey development awareness among young people (who are our future coaches, managers and administrators), to promote hockey as a global sport played all around the world and last but not least to give Youth a Voice.

The reactions of the participants in the 1st and 2nd Festivals and those of their National Associations have been so positive, that we cannot stop now but must continue these Festivals. Almost all of the participants of the first two festivals are active within their hockey association and have become member of the FIH Youth Hockey Panel.

Host families
Santiago de Chile has offered to host all Youth Hockey Promoters with host families. The hospitality of these families and the international flavour of all the events will guarantee an unforgettable experience for the successful Promoters.

The only cost the National Association needs to pay is the price of an airline ticket. We realise that this is quite an expense for some countries, however each nation might find a sponsor, who will provide the Youth Hockey Promoter with assistance e.g. a discounted airfare. This sponsor could be an individual, an airline, and a company that deals with exchange programmes or perhaps clubs like Rotary or Lions. The FIH can provide you with a letter to approach potential sponsors.

The 3rd World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival will take place from 16 till 24 September 2005. For some parts of the world this might not be a holiday period, but the FIH can provide a letter addressed to school principals, asking them for permission to participate in the unique WYHPF. We are sure that they will learn more in one week at the Festival than in one month at school, but of course you don't have to use that argument!!

All parties involved in the organisation of this event will need to know by December 2004 which countries will send Youth Promoters to the World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival. We ask the National Hockey Associations to let us know by returning the attached form before 1 December 2004.

We hope that many countries will try hard to reward their best Youth Hockey Promoters with a trip to Chile! It is not only a fantastic prize for the National Promoter, but also an incentive for all 15-21 year old players to think about the promotion of their sport.

Please submit the Nomination Form before 1 December 2004
to Bev Johnson and Jorge Querejeta.