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August 1, 2007

2007 PAHF Congress and Board Meetings
July 24-26, 2007 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Pan American Hockey Federation held its Congress and Board meetings July 24-26, 2007 during the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Committee meetings were also held on July 23 prior to the Board meetings.

2007 PAHF Congress
2007 PAHF Congress
2007 PAHF Congress
2007 PAHF Congress
2007 PAHF Congress
2007 PAHF Congress

The following are the key highlights from the meetings.

  1. New National Association Members:

    The Pan American Hockey Federation accepted new member countries Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador and El Salvador. The PAHF is working toward getting new members in order to increase the number of member nations in the Pan American region and hopes to have several more nations as new members at the next Congress in 2009.

    New member country: Ecuador
    New member country: Ecuador
    New member country: Costa Rica
    New member country: Costa Rica

  2. Change of Statutes and Elections:

    The Congress voted to change the statutes of the PAHF so that there will be three Vice Presidents instead of just one. The vice presidents are elected by the Board of Directors.

    The following were elected to the Board of Directors:

    • Dr. Sue Neill Hon. Secretary General
    • Board Members:
      • Monica Cumberbatch - Barbados
      • Maureen Craig Rousseau Trinidad and Tobago
      • Daniel Marcellini - Argentina
      • Maureen Rasmussen Chile
      • Aaron Sher USA
      • Victor Tomlinson - Jamaica

    The Board then elected the following vice presidents:

    • Aaron Sher North
    • Maureen Craig Rousseau Central
    • Daniel Marcellini South

    Other members of the Board are:

    • Tony Von Ondarza, President, Venezuela
    • Chris Waters, Hon. Treasurer, USA
    • Bev Johnson, USA
    • Rene Granat, Venezuela
    • Eduardo Guelfand, Argentina

  3. Awards:
    • Rosa de Massa from Argentina retired from the PAHF Board of Directors after a long period of distinguished service. The Board elected her an Honorary Life Member of the PAHF its highest honor.

      Honorary Life Membership for Rosa de Massa
      Rosa de Massa
    • Other awards were presented to:
      • Order of Merit Carlos Hernandez
      • Presidents Award: Richard Kentwell, Bogdan Matuszewski and Yan Huckendubler

    President`Award for Richard Kentwell
    Richard Kentwell
    President`Award for Bogdan Matuszewski
    Bogdan Matuszewski
    President`Award for Yan Huckendubler
    Yan Huckendubler

  4. Pan American Games:

    The PAHF Board congratulated the Brazilian Hockey Federation on its hosting of the hockey at the Pan American Games. The Canadian men and the Argentinean women, as the winners of the respective tournaments, have qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games.

    PAHF Congress - Brazilian delegation
    Brazilian delegation

  5. Upcoming tournaments:

    The PAHF Board announced the location of the Pan American Cups and other tournaments for the next period.

    • Pan American Cup 2009 men Santiago Chile
    • Pan American Cup 2009 women Hamilton, Bermuda
    • Pan American Junior Championships 2008 men Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
    • Pan American Junior Championships 2008 women Mexico City, Mexico
    • South American Championships Montevideo, Uruguay
    • Pan American indoor Cup 2008 Argentina

For more information, please visit the Pan American Hockey Federation web site.

The Pan American Hockey Federation (PAHF) is recognized by the FIH as the governing continental federation for all field hockey in the Pan American region. There are 26 member Nations of the PAHF. For more information please contact