3rd Alba Games
April 17-25 - La Habana, Cuba

The ALBA GAMES are a multisport event originally created by Cuba and Venezuela when cooperation agreements were initiated between the two countries in a variety of domains (commerce, politics, sports, etc...). Nicaragua and Bolivia joined the agreement, which has now been extended to seven countries.

Unfortunately, only two countries participated in the hockey competition of the Alba Games: Venezuela and Cuba. The two teams played each other five times, with the following results:

  • Cuba vs. Venezuela 6 - 0
  • Cuba vs. Venezuela 6 - 0
  • Cuba vs. Venezuela 3 - 0
  • Cuba vs. Venezuela 3 - 1
  • Cuba vs. Venezuela 2 - 1

The Alba Games are organized every two years. In 2007, they were organized in Caracas, Venezuela, and six countries competed in the hockey competition with the following results:

  1. Cuba
  2. Guyana
  3. Puerto Rico
  4. Jamaica
  5. Uruguay
  6. Venezuela
The Venezuelan Team included 8 new players coming from four different provinces, an interesting evolution considering that during the longest time hockey was only played in the capital Caracas.

Cuban Team

Venezuelan team

Podium of the 2009 Alba Games
Podium of the 2009 Alba Games

La Habana Stadium
La Habana Hockey Stadium