2011 PAHF Pan American Challenge (Femenino)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Deodoro Hockey Complex

Uruguay v Bermudas


# Fase Hora Partidos Resultado Tiempo Match Sheet
1 August 2011
W3 Round-Robin 10:00 Uruguay URU - BER Bermudas 6 - 0 (2 - 0) Final    

Match Report

El día 2 del 2011 Pan American Challenge empiezo con un partido entre las mujeres de Uruguay y las Bermudas. Ambos equipos eran querido su primero gano del torneo. En pocos minutos en el primero tiempo, Bettina BOCCA metió un gol. Y el marcador fue 1-0 a favor de Uruguay. Con solamente pocos minutos en el primero tiempo, Uruguay’s Lucia DE MARIA metió un gol. El marcador permanecido 2-0 a favor a Uruguay durante el medio tiempo.

Uruguay continuó su presión de la ataque en el segundo tiempo. Aunque las Bermudas eran jugando en su defensa bien, Uruguay recibió un penal y la Capitana de Uruguay, Patricia CAMPOS, metió el penal que hizo el marcador 3-0. En la sesenta minuto, Paula CARVALHO hizo el marcador 4-0 a favor a Uruguay. Uruguay mantuvo su presión en la ataque y pocos minutos después, Karina BISIGNANO metió. Con un minuto más en el partido, CARVALHO metió otra vez a terminar el partido con el marcador 6-0 contra las Bermudas.



Uruguay’s Coach Gonzalo FERRER

On the match…

We are a mix of junior and senior players, so I thought we played well. We are not just here playing hockey for this tournament, but for the development of hockey in Uruguay [in general].

Uruguay’s Captain Patricia CAMPOS

On the match…

Uruguay played well and got into a rhythm. Of course, our objective is to win this tournament and qualify for the 2013 Pan American Cup. Everyone played about equal minutes today and that was great to see.

On what the team needs to improve on (for the tournament)…

We need to earn more short corners. We defended well and we gave up no short corners, but we need to get more offensive short corners.


Bermuda’s Coach Dafydd HERMANN-SMITH

On the match…

I’m very proud; to go three quarters of a match down three goals and having [only] surrendered four penalty corners that is an accomplishment for us. We lack exposure and continuous hockey. I think the girls played very well. Three goals down three-quarters into a match against a top side like Uruguay is not surprising. For the tiny island of Bermuda, this is a very acceptable result.

On what Bermuda needs to work on…

Control. We need not to panic in the midfield and work our way up field to give us more scoring opportunities.

Bermuda’s Kirsten FARIA

On the match…

We played with passion and heart in the match; that Bermuda always plays with. We had a strong backfield with strong tackles and it was suprising how long we were able to hold off [Uruguay’s] offense especially given their level. Bermuda played phenomenal and we were also unlucky. This was a great result especially given Bermuda’s historical results against Uruguay.

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