2011 PAHF Pan American Challenge (Femenino)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Deodoro Hockey Complex

Guyana v Bermudas


# Fase Hora Partidos Resultado Tiempo Match Sheet
3 August 2011
W6 Round-Robin 12:00 Guyana GUY - BER Bermudas 6 - 0 (3 - 0) Final      

Match Report

El otro partido femenino del tercer día del Pan Am Challenge fue entre Guyana y Bermuda. Guyana marcó primero con un tiro penal concretado por la Capitana Chantelle FERNANDES. Guyana continuó con su presión ofensiva  y marcó otra vez en la mitad del segundo tiempo con un tiro de corner corto de Dominique DE GROOT. Poco después Guyana gana otro corner corto y Marzana FIEDTKOU convirtió el 3-0. Bermuda mantuvo una fuerte defensa evitando que Guyana aumentara el marcador antes del medio tiempo.


Guyana comenzó el segundo tiempo con la misma intensidad ofensiva. Solo cinco minutos de comenzada la segunda etapa el marcador ya estaba en 5-0 con dos goles rápidos de Chantelle FERNANDES y Gabriela XAVIER, respectivamente. Con esfuerzo Bermuda mantuvo a Guyana alejada del marcador  por el resto del segundo tiempo. Con solo tres minutos para el final del partido la jugadora de Guyana Leigh SANDISON aumentó la diferencia final a  6-0.


Bermuda’s Coach Dafydd HERMANN-SMITH

On the match…

I think the players are most definitely disappointed. We had a plan and unfortunately Guyana played better. They [Guyana] came out the definite winners. This leaves us in a difficult position, but we have to look forward to playing Paraguay tomorrow.

On what Bermuda needs to improve…

I think we are improving but we do not get to enough tournaments being on a tiny island. By the time we get to the next tournament all our previous tournament experience is gone.


Bermuda’s Iman SMITH

On the match…

I think we are very disappointed. We went with our heads high and very confident and mentally ready for a better result this match. So our play was disappointing. We fought and at half-time we tried to forget the first half. And I thought we played better in the second half. We have lots of young players. This is my third tournament playing for Bermuda and it is a lot of pressure I must say. I look up to the older players and I learn something new each time. We were more into this game and more passionate and really gave it our all. And that’s all I would really ask for.


Guyana’s Coach Philip FERNANDES

On the match…

With tournaments like this that are wide open all teams compete with each other. We tried to do the best we can. Bermuda really pressured us, but we still were able to score goals. And it is really positive that we scored early goals. As sports is all about momentum I think that gave us the momentum. The score does not adequately reflect Bermuda’s pressure right through to the end.

Guyana’s Gabriela XAVIER

On the match…

We came out with a goal to score as much as possible. In the second half, we stuck together and played well as a team. Bermuda was hard at us, but at the end of the day we got the win.

On her experience in the tournament thus far…

It has been difficult. It is not as easy as I thought it would be. Now it is time to think about beating Uruguay and possibly getting to the finals.
PAR v URU (Round-Robin) BER v PAR (Round-Robin)