2011 PAHF Pan American Challenge (Femenino)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Deodoro Hockey Complex

Uruguay v Guyana


# Fase Hora Partidos Resultado Tiempo Match Sheet
6 August 2011
W9 Round-Robin 12:00 Uruguay URU - GUY Guyana 2 - 0 (2 - 0) Final    

Match Report

El primer partido femenino del Pan Am Challenge 2011, en su 5to día de torneo fue entre Uruguay y Guyana. En los primeros minutos, Uruguay mostró su fuerte ofensiva y la uruguaya Karina BISIGNANO marco de corner corto dando una ventaja temprana a Uruguay. Durante casi todo el partido, Uruguay no solo dominó la posesión pero se mantuvo en su área de ataque. El fuerte juego  de  la portera de Guyana, Alysa XAVIER impidió que Uruguay capitalizara un número de corners cortos. Uruguay se puso en ventaja de dos goles con el tanto marcado por Florencia NORBIS en el minuto 22. Mientras que Guyana casi no logro la posesión en ataque, impidió que Uruguay ampliara el marcador en el primer tiempo. Este periodo concluyó 2-0 a favor de Uruguay.


El segundo tiempo comenzó con más juego de ida y vuelta entre Uruguay y Guyana. Ambos equipos jugaron muy bien en su defensa impidiendo que anotara su rival. Guyana tuvo más posesión pero Uruguay continuó dominando el juego. Guyana persistió en su defensa e impidió que Uruguay volviera a marcar, cerrando el marcador para este partido, en 2-0 a favor de Uruguay.




Guyana’s Head Coach Philip FERNANDES

On the match…

It was a very difficult match going in. Win, draw or lose we knew we needed to concede few goals. Our strategy for the whole game was very defensive to contain Uruguay and make sure they did not score [too much]. Uruguay gave us a lot of pressure; they are a very strong team. Fortunately, our keeper and our defense came up strong and defended shots that might have resulted in many more goals. In the second half, we started to feel increasingly confident and were able to get some promising counter-attacks. This felt encouraging if we are to see Uruguay again [in the Final]. I am comfortable with the score because given our high opposition and I think it was a good game for us.


Guyana’s Leigh SANDISON

On the difference between the first and second halves of the match…

Just composure. The early goal we gave up put us off and we panicked. Uruguay seemed more comfortable and a confident. In the second half, we did not give up any goals and like the rest of the team I think being more comfortable with the game and coming out well on defense helped us. And I think we were more fit and determined in the second half …I feel like I ran 20 miles.

On her experience here playing for Guyana [having previously played for Canada] …

It is really exciting. Guyana has no turf so we have so much to gain from each game here. We could really see how much of difference it makes. And I think if we advance today [to the Final] it will make a huge difference for hockey in Guyana and I really hope we can do that.

BRA v URU (Round-Robin) PAR v BRA (Round-Robin)