On April 19 and 20, 2013,  the PAHF held in Miami a Technical Seminar for Umpires and Officials.

The Umpire Seminar was conducted by the very experience english Umpire Mrs. Jane Nockold, and there were the following Umpires in

- Nku Davis (TRI)
- Duvaughn Henlon (JAM)
- Devin Hooper (GUY)
- Grant Hundley (USA)
- Benjamin Peters (USA)
- Jamar Springer (BAR)
- Maggie GIddens (USA)
- Mary Driscoll (USA)
- Kecia Jones (TRI)
- Megan Robertson (CAN)
- Deric Leung (CAN)

The Officials Seminar was conducted by two of the most experience TDs from FIH and PAHF: Mrs. Laura Pigretti and Mr. Willard Harris, the officials in presence were:

- Maureen Craig-Rousseau (TRI)
- Alicia Takeda MEX
- René Zelkin USA
- Lurah Hess USA
- Brenda Rushton CAN
- Natakii Akii Bua TRI
- Reyah Richardson TRI
- Katherine Perez Santiago PUR
- Luis German ARG
- Rigel Gomes TRI
- Taylor Smallwood USA
- Antony Stewart CAN
- Alvaro Campos CHI
- Axel Muñoz Peña MEX
- Thiago Vieira de Mattos BRA
- Javier Zanini URU
- Brian Jones (USA)
- Cameron Burke BAR

After two days of intensive sessions, both Seminars finished with the ceremony chair by the PAHF president Mr. Antonio von Ondarza giving the certificates to each of the Umpires and Officials that attended this very successful event.