World Youth Hockey Panel

Learn from others and find out how diverse the hockey world is! This is a unique opportunity to make friends from around the world that will last a lifetime.

The Panel is looking to promote hockey as more than a game by giving youngsters the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of hockey worldwide. We feel it is important if hockey is to continue being strong in the world of sport that we are united. Learning from each other is the way forward. Sharing our experiences and culture means we find out more about hockey around the world, the differences and the similarities.

Any World Hockey Festival participant will tell you of the wide variety of knowledge they gained, from the well-developed hockey countries like Germany and Australia to the less developed like Uganda and Fiji. Sharing knowledge is such a valuable tool that will strengthen the worldwide youth hockey network.

Every hockeymaniac between ages 14 and 22 can participate in this program. It is required that the intereted people speak English and that they fill in the sign up form. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Stephan Haumann, manager of this program, or myself at

Mario Rosado Fuentes
Americas Coordinator
F.I.H. Youth Panel
Mario Rosado Fuentes
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