April 5, 2002
Bermuda's Pitch Woes Continue

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With five weeks left in the regular season for the Bermuda Hockey Federation, the only playing pitch for the sport in Bermuda was deemed unfit for play. The field at Montesorri Academy (formerly National Sports Club) was deemed unfit for play because of poor pitch quality with large areas being devoid of grass.

Youth Hockey League on the Montessori FieldYouth Hockey League
on the Montessori Field

Two touring teams from Canada were guests of the Bermuda Ministry of Tourism and were allowed to play at the National Sports Centre, giving local women's players an opportunity to play on a pristine surface that was regulation size. The Minister of Youth, Sports and Recreation Mr. Randall Horton was in attendance for one of the matches and saw the difference in the playing conditions. This was on the heels of the Finance Ministry budget release which showed no allotment for the the completion of the artificial surface at the complex.

The grounds used for the match are part of the new cricket pavillion at the Sports Centre and had not had anyone on it since November. The pitch was then made available for a weekend of league play before the Easter Break. The remaining league games will be played at another pitch at a the Saltus Grammar School with League Knock-Out competitions being played at the National Sports Centre at the end of April.

Jamal Burgess, Bermuda Hockey Federation

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