July 18, 2002
FIH Launches Global Development Network

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) launched it's new network of Continental Development Officers (CDOs) with a workshop held recently in Brussels, Belgium.

Jorge Querejeta The CDOs are:

  • Clare Digby (South Africa) for Africa;
  • Tayyab Ikram (Macau) for Asia;
  • Norman Hughes (England) for Europe;
  • Gill Gemming (New Zealand) for Oceania;
  • Jorge Querejeta (Argentina) for Pan America (picture on the right).

The five FIH Continental Development Officers form a Global Development Co-ordination Network. The CDOs will work in close consultation with FIH as well as with their Continental Hockey Federation, aiming at consistent implementation of the global FIH and the related CHF hockey development policy.

The CDOs will give comprehensive advice and provide services regarding hockey development to the National Hockey Associations in their continent and will contribute to their Continental Federation's development programmes. Their initial focus will be on analysing the hockey development potential and needs in these countries and to assist NHAs in development planning.

The five CDOS met for the first time in Brussels, together with Development and Coaching Committee (DCC) Chairman, Theo Ykema and members of the DCC's Strategy group. The workshop, chaired by FIH Development Manager GabriŽlle van Doorn, focussed on the development challenges and opportunities within the continents, looking at how these can be tackled with clear, proactive strategies.

FIH President Els van Breda Vriesman stated, "The FIH has made a strong commitment to global hockey development by appointing this professional group of people. The CDOs are now able to commit themselves to spending time on hockey development in their continent. The fact that they will operate as a team will also give an enormous boost to hockey around the world".


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