2007 Indoor World CupFebruary 25, 2007

PAHF Representation at 2007 Indoor world Cup
February 14 to 18, 2007 - Vienna, Austria

The Pan American Hockey Federation was represented at the 2007 Indoor World Cup, played in Vienna, by the men's teams of Canada and Trinidad & Tobago and by the women's team of Canada. These three teams qualified through their rankings at the 2005 Pan American Indoor Cup, played in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The Pan American Hockey Federation was also represented by four officials: Willard HARRIS (Trinidad & Tobago, Technical Official), Gus SOTERIADES (USA, Umpire), Wendy STEWART (Canada, Umpire) and Alicia TAKEDA HIRATA (Mexico, Umpire).

The Canadian men's team finished 7th, one step lower than in 2003 but still best non-European team. They had the following results:

  • lost to Poland 0-9
  • lost to Spain 4-8
  • lost to Austria 4-7
  • won against Italy 5-2
  • won against South Africa 5-3
  • won against Australia 5-4 (7th-8th place)

    The Trinidad & Tobago men's team finished 12th. They had the following results:

  • lost to Germany 2-9
  • lost to Russia 2-9
  • lost to Switzerland 1-6
  • lost to Australia 1-5
  • lost to Czech Republic 1-6
  • lost to South Africa 2-4 (11th-12th place)

    The Canadian women's team finished 9th. They had the following results:

  • lost to Belarus 3-6
  • lost to Austria 2-4
  • lost to Netherlands 2-4
  • lost to Spain 0-2
  • won against South Africa 4-3
  • won against Italy 2-2 / 3-2 on strokes (9th-10th place)

    Canada (men)
    Canada Men
    Trinidad & Tobago
    Trinidad & Tobago
    Canada (women)
    Canada Women
    PAHF Umpires
    PAHF Umpires
    Willard Harris
    Willard Harris

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