Location:Devonshire, Bermuda
Turf System:HockeyGrass™ Club
Turf Size:70,685 square feet
Install Date:September 2006

New pitch in Bermuda - Aerial view New pitch in Bermuda - Aerial view New pitch in Bermuda - Aerial view

The Bermuda National Sports Centre located in Devonshire, one of nine parishes in Great Britain's oldest colony, houses the only facility dedicated to field hockey in Bermuda. The BNSC playing surface features HockeyGrass Club, one of two state-of-the-art synthetic turf systems designed by Sportexe specifically for field hockey and "approved" by the Fédération Internationale de Hockey (FIH).

The BNSC is the only facility in Bermuda designated for field hockey competition. It hosts the women's national team, both girls and boys national Under-21 teams, the men's and women's federation teams, consisting of both Bermudians and non-Bermudians alike, and the senior domestic league, which includes 17 teams across three divisions.

In total, according to the Bermuda Hockey Federation, the current usage of the facility is approximately 34 hours per week. The intention of the BNSC is to become a premier destination for hockey tours in the region. The exotic locale coupled with the sport-specific Sportexe synthetic turf system will position Bermuda to host major international competitions.

The new pitch of the Bermuda Hockey Federation (BHF) will host
the play-off for the Pan American Games between Mexico and USA (March 8 to 11).

"Without question the biggest thing to have happened, and indeed the biggest thing that has probably ever happened to the sport in Bermuda is the completion of the [BNSC]," said Justin Freisenbruch, president of the BHF. "We have subsequently been able to move our entire sport to this new facility with all league competitions, youth programs as well as club and representative team training taking place there."

Both HockeyGrass Club and HockeyTurf Elite are engineered to preserve "wet" characteristics without excessive watering. Both systems are smooth, fast, and incredibly durable, offering stability and predictable ball-roll. Seams are sewn edge-to-edge, firmly and securely, ensuring smoothness from one end of the pitch to the other. Both systems are available with economical and durable pad options that provide additional cushioning and water containment.

"We are definitely seeing increased interest in the sport, most pronounced at the youth level, which is what we are most focused on," said Freisenbruch. "We feel that as more and more people of all ages get exposure to the game as it is played on such an amazing surface that the sport will continue to develop, both in terms of its standard and participation."

The Bermuda National Sports Centre also hosts 3 soccer pitches, an athletics complex, a cricket pavilion, a rugby pitch, changing rooms and shower facilities. It is located 5 minutes outside of the city of Hamilton and is easily accessible via bus, taxi, moped or on foot (about 20 minutes).

For additional information about the hockey pitch and hockey tours to Bermuda, please visit the Bermuda Hockey Federation web site.

New pitch in Bermuda New pitch in Bermuda New pitch in Bermuda