Development- Hockey for all: Hockey ID

September 5, 2023

Development- Hockey for all: Hockey ID

The Pan American Hockey Federation is pleased to announce a series of friendly matches between Chile and Argentina to be held during the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile.

The inaugural friendly match between the Chilean Team and the "Lionas" from Argentina is scheduled to take place on October 23rd at the official Games pitch. Subsequent matches will follow, showcasing the spirit of competition at various renowned Chilean hockey clubs.

While the "Lionas" project continues to flourish in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay have returned from an impressive performance in Berlin at the Special Olympics World Games last June.

In addition to these developments, Veronica Planella, hailing from Canada, is set to launch a 12-week Hockey ID program in Victoria, BC, Canada, commencing on September 24th, 2023. The program's primary goal is to equip aspiring coaches with the necessary skills to work effectively with this diverse population, ultimately boosting membership in the Hockey ID program.

The University of Victoria is a proud supporter of this initiative and will have student-athletes actively volunteering as coaches, collaborating with members of the local hockey community. Concurrently, a coaching education program will be introduced, with sessions taking place two weekends prior to the commencement of the #Play 4 all Hockey ID program. This comprehensive approach includes an 11-week sports development program followed by a one-week Hockey festival.

Furthermore, Uruguay has embarked on its own Hockey ID program, while the United States and Barbados remain committed to the development of their respective initiatives.

The PAHF Hockey ID family is indeed expanding, and these endeavors mark exciting milestones in the world of hockey development.

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