Intense Battles and Narrow Victories on Day 4 of CAC Games

June 30, 2023

Intense Battles and Narrow Victories on Day 4 of CAC Games


In a thrilling match on Day 4 of the CAC Games, the Dominican Republic and Guyana clashed in a tightly contested battle that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. 

The day was filled with excitement, featuring great matches and an abundance of goals.

As the home team, the Dominican Republic enjoyed tremendous support from the local crowd. From the outset, both teams displayed a fierce determination to control the ball and create scoring opportunities. However, the first quarter ended without any goals, highlighting the intense competition between the two sides.

The second quarter brought a flurry of action and excitement. Four goals were scored, with two each from the Dominican Republic and Guyana. The teams headed into halftime deadlocked at 2-2, setting the stage for a thrilling second half.

The third quarter focused on rediscovering the rhythm of the game and finding spaces to exploit for scoring chances. It was Jose Lopez of the Dominican Republic who made a significant impact, unleashing an exceptional individual attack to score the go-ahead goal, putting his team in a 3-2 lead.

The fourth and final quarter was a test of nerves and intense pressure. Both teams fought valiantly to find the equalizer or a winning goal. The atmosphere was electric as every play had the potential to shift the outcome of the match. However, it was the Dominican Republic who held firm and displayed resilience, ultimately emerging victorious with a 3-2 win.

The game showcased the passion and skill of both teams, as well as their unwavering determination to secure a victory. The Dominican Republic's ability to capitalize on their opportunities and their strong defensive efforts proved decisive in securing the hard-fought win.


In a highly anticipated match between two familiar opponents, the second game of the day at the CAC Games showcased a clash between two seasoned teams, Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago. The history between these teams added an extra layer of excitement, with Trinidad and Tobago having emerged victorious in their previous encounter at the Pan Am Games in 2019 with a 2-1 win over Cuba. However, the dynamics shifted dramatically in this latest face-off.

As the defending champions of the CAC Games, Cuba entered the game with a determined mindset, aiming to showcase their experience and talent on the pitch. The first quarter proved to be a goal-filled spectacle, with Cuba asserting their dominance by netting four goals, leaving Trinidad and Tobago little chance to recover and find their own rhythm.

Early in the second quarter, Trinidad and Tobago managed to find the back of the net through Dylan Francis, offering a glimmer of hope. However, Cuba responded swiftly, increasing their lead with a fifth goal. The momentum was firmly in Cuba's favor, and they continued to exhibit their attacking prowess.

The third quarter witnessed Cuba maintaining their composure and controlling the tempo of the game, while Trinidad and Tobago sought to regain their footing. Despite Trinidad and Tobago's efforts, Cuba's firepower could not be contained, and they extended their lead to 6-1.

Entering the final quarter, Trinidad and Tobago mounted a spirited comeback, scoring two additional goals. However, their resurgence fell short of overturning Cuba's commanding lead. The game concluded with a final score of 6-3 in favor of Cuba.

The match served as a testament to Cuba's determination to defend their title as CAC Games champions. Their clinical finishing and well-structured gameplay overwhelmed Trinidad and Tobago, despite the latter's valiant efforts to rally.


In the third game of the day at the CAC Games, Jamaica faced off against El Salvador in an intense matchup. Despite El Salvador's commendable defensive efforts, Jamaica emerged victorious with a 3-0 win.

El Salvador showcased their resilience and determination throughout the game, despite the ultimate result. Their solid defensive performance kept Jamaica at bay for significant periods of the match, as they fought valiantly to defend their goal.

On the other hand, Jamaica displayed their attacking prowess and capitalized on their scoring opportunities. With their relentless pressure and skillful play, Jamaica managed to break through El Salvador's defense and secure three goals.

The result may not reflect the full extent of El Salvador's efforts, as they put up a strong defensive display against a formidable opponent. Their determination to hold their ground and minimize Jamaica's scoring chances deserves recognition.

Jamaica's victory highlights their ability to convert opportunities into goals and their overall dominance in the game. They demonstrated their attacking capabilities and sealed a convincing win.


In the final game of the day at the CAC Games, Barbados and Mexico clashed in an intense and tightly contested match. Both teams showcased their attacking prowess and created numerous goal-scoring opportunities, but ultimately, only one goal was scored, resulting in a narrow victory for Barbados.

Throughout the game, Barbados and Mexico launched relentless attacks in search of the breakthrough goal. The match was filled with exciting moments and near misses as both teams displayed their offensive skills and determination.

It was in the third quarter that Justin Catlin of Barbados produced a moment of brilliance, executing an exceptional individual play to find the back of the net. His goal proved to be the decisive moment of the game, giving Barbados the lead.

Despite their best efforts, both teams struggled to convert their chances into goals. They were awarded a total of five penalty corners each, providing additional opportunities to break the deadlock. However, solid defensive displays and goalkeeping on both sides prevented any further goals from being scored.

In the end, Barbados emerged victorious with their solitary goal, securing an important win. The result highlights the importance of capitalizing on scoring opportunities in tightly contested matches.

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