Mexico Secures Panam Games Qualification

July 4, 2023

Mexico Secures Panam Games Qualification

Day 8 of the CAC Games brought intense moments and decisive matches for the men's teams. In the first game of the day, Jamaica faced El Salvador in a battle for the 5th-8th place of the tournament. Guyana, eager to secure their first victory, started strong by scoring the opening goal in the first quarter. However, Jamaica quickly responded and added four more goals, one in each subsequent quarter. Guyana managed to score two more goals in the final quarter, but time was not on their side, and they fell short of equalizing the game. The final result stood at 4-3 in favor of Jamaica.

The second game of the day featured a challenging matchup between El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. Both teams struggled to capitalize on their attacks during the first two quarters, facing difficulties in controlling the ball and losing possession quickly. The halftime score remained 0-0, reflecting the intensity and competitiveness of the match. However, the Dominican Republic showed resilience and determination in the second half, scoring four goals across the last two quarters. As a result, the Dominican Republic secured their spot to play against Jamaica for the 5th place in the tournament.

As the day progressed, heavy rain began to pour, leading to a delay in the men's semifinals. The first semifinal, scheduled for the day, was rescheduled to July 5th at 8 am due to the adverse weather conditions. With the rain subsiding, Mexico and Cuba were set to clash in what would become the most intense game witnessed in the CAC Games thus far.

The match between Mexico and Cuba started with Cuba opening the scoring in the first quarter. However, Mexico responded strongly in the second quarter, netting two goals within two minutes. Eight minutes later, by the end of the second quarter, Cuba managed to equalize, resulting in a 2-2 scoreline at halftime. Mexico took the lead again in the third quarter, setting up a tense final quarter for Cuba, knowing they had to score to stay in the game. And score they did, leveling the game 3-3. With just five minutes remaining and a tie on the scoreboard, both teams understood that the first goal would provide a temporary relief until the game concluded.

It was Mexico who capitalized on two penalty corners, converting them into goals and sealing their victory with a 5-3 scoreline. With this win, Mexico secured their qualification for the Panam Games 2023, marking a significant achievement for their team and sparking celebration among their players and fans alike.

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