The FIFA/CIES University Network Prize 2023 goes to Gissele Toro (CHI)

March 8, 2023

The FIFA/CIES University Network Prize 2023 goes to Gissele Toro (CHI)

After evaluating the fifteen competing projects, the jury underlined that the general level of the projects improves year after year, especially in the use of sources and content which reflects the six modules taught on the FIFA/CIES International Programme in Sports Management, as well as in the originality and adaptation to local needs and realities.  The projects all showed that the students were able to make good use of modern management tools.

Five works in particular caught the attention of the jury. Among these was the one presented by:

Universidad Santo Tomás (Chile): “Fundación 'Juega reciclando’”
After a lengthy discussion, the members of the jury decided to award the FIFA/CIES International University Network Prize 2023 to the project submitted by the four students from Universidad Santo Tomás in Chile, namely Gastón Ibáñez Rojas, Joaquín Cárdenas Kaechele, Gissele Toro Santibáñez and Sebastián Alvear Alfaro.

Gissele Toro Santibáñez is part of Chilean Hockey Family.

This project aims to create a foundation which recycles surgical masks, as used during the COVID crisis, to produce sports surfaces and other floors. Combining technological innovation, local adaptation, financial planning and market research, this work was fully in line with the winning project criteria. The members of the jury hope that this kind of recycling research, which is beneficial to sports infrastructures, can also be implemented in other regions.

Prof. Pierre Lanfranchi, Scientific Coordinator of the FIFA/CIES International University Network, said, "This Prize offers healthy competition between the different partner universities. This year we have been able to appreciate the quality of the projects aimed at promoting integration through sport. Indeed, whether in Egypt with orphans, in CONMEBOL stadiums, improving the representation of women or the next generation, we can only be delighted with the success of this competition”.

Congratulations Gissele. We are proud of you!

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