FIH Educator Course

May 5, 2023

FIH Educator Course

•    Experience Coaching at national and international level
•    Experience teaching or facilitating courses
•    Technical knowledge of field hockey skills and tactics
•    FIH Level 3 preferred

Educator course June 21 & 22
Co delivery of the FIH 3 Workshop:  June 23 – 25
Candidates must arrive in Toronto, no later than June 20th, candidates may elect not to stay for the FIH 3 workshop.  Preference will be given to candidates that can stay for the entire five days.

Location:  University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Fee:  No fees, but candidates are responsible for all travel, food, and accommodation.

How do I apply?
•    Send field hockey resume and letter of support from your NA to & 
•    There is space for a limited number of applicants
•    Final approval will be given by FIH Academy
•    Applications accepted until May 17th

Other news

USA victory has echoes of 2008

USA victory has echoes of 2008

If this group continues to grow as they have, then we can certainly place higher than ever before at the Junior World Cup.

April 28, 2023