April 18, 2023


Uruguay vs Guyana - Women

In another uneven match to start the morning’s games, Uruguay defeated Guyana 14-0. Goals began to flow as a few of the Uruguay players had stand out goal scoring performances. Leading the pack was Carolina Curcio who netted 3 penalty corners and an open field goal to end the game with 4 goals (4th, 18th, 19th & 20th minutes). Closely behind on a hat trick was Elisa Civetta who scored in the 6th, 8th and 24th minute of play. Paula Perez also found her name on the scorecard as she found the back of the bars in the 9th and 30th minute. Two other goals would come in the first half as Uruguay out played their opponents. Agustina Diaz and Maria Rodriguez both scored their first goals of the game in the first half. Ending the half 11-0, Uruguay looked poised to claim the 5th spot in the tournament against a tired and frustrated Guyanese team. Both teams lined up to start the second half and Uruguay looked intent on decimating their opponents. But the Guyanese defense fought back, winning several tackles and managing to keep the ball out of their bars. Only 3 goals would score in the second half by way of Maria Rodriguez in the 37th, Justina Arregui in the 49th and Agustina Diaz in the 50th. Although the Guyanese ladies were defeated, the invaluable lesson of playing strong until the end was exhibited today. 

Chile vs Canada - 3/4th Place

In the penultimate game of the tournament, an exciting game was promised to fans as they eager anticipated the start. Both teams demonstrated skill and played tactically sound throughout the tournament to bring them to the bronze medal match. The first quarter remained love all at the end with Canada demonstrating robust and compact defending while looking more purposeful in their attacks. Chile demonstrated superb individual skill and stringed passes together that threatened the Canadian defense, however, they never quite looked hungry enough. This would all change in the second quarter as the Chilean ladies hustled every ball and stepped up their overall game which led to a 1-0 lead in the 20th minute by Martina Gago. Maria Goni would add her name to the scoresheet as she too capitalized on a well earned short corner to push her team 2-0 ahead. The Canadian ladies went into the half 3-0 down as Francisca Irazoqui buried a field goal in the 30th minute. Down but not defeated, the Canadians approached the field with intent and attacked the apponent’s “D” looking for every possible opportunity to capitalize. As fate would have it, their opportunity came in the 37th minute when Allison Kuzyk struck a well-placed ball into the backboard giving the Canadian fans hope as they chased another goal to inch closer to Chile’s comfortable lead. It was on; both teams promising goals but it would be Josefina Gutierrez of Chile that sent her team in uproar as she netted a reverse stick shot in the 40th minute. With another quarter to play, both teams continued to play a competitive game. As they took the field for the final time in the competition, Canada knew they had a lot to do in only 15 minutes if they were to win the game. However, Chile’s intent to put the game out of Canada’s reach and the final nail in the coffin would come in the 49th minute as Constanza Munoz scored a penalty corner to end 5-1.

USA vs Argentina - Final

The last match of the tournament would determine the Junior Pan American Womens Champions. This game was promising as fans witnessed the attacking dominance of Argentina vs defensive warriors of USA. Both teams started quickly looking to create opportunities to put the other under immense pressure. Argentina with the first circle entry wanted to assert their dominance after creating constant pressure but the world-renowned USA defense easily soaked up the pressure to flip the tables to get a stronghold on the game. USA now with the advantage and a gilt-edged chance but a mistimed pass led to an Argentine free hit and both teams fighting strong to end the quarter 0-0. Fiercely contested, both teams restarted the game hunting for the first goal of the match, but USA tried to strike the iron while it was hot after a loss referral by Argentina, pressing them and creating multiple opportunities. With a minute to go, a hastily taken self-pass from USA’s Bent-Cole who attacked the circle with a matched effort and a tough challenge by the Argentine defender, just outside the circle, resulted in a penalty corner giving USA the last chance of the half; but it was missed. A thrilling third quarter saw USA halt Argentina’s clean sheet of the tournament and put them on the back foot for the first time with a well worked penalty corner in the 35th minute. A strategic slip pass at the top of the “D” followed by a powerful sweep to the far post subsequently met by a deflection into the bars by Raegan Underwood to give USA the opening goal. In the dying minutes of the quarter the Argentine ladies equalized with a hard hit to the backboard by captain Valentina Raposo; now Argentina was back on level terms with USA. The final quarter saw both teams come out in desperation to take the lead in the game, haunted by the possibility of nerve wrecking shootouts. Fast paced and multiple opportunities saw the fight go down to the end tying the game and leading us to the dreaded shootouts. With hearts in hand, the crowd on their feet, USA up first slotting home their four chances while Argentina came up short missing their first two chances, crowning USA the Women Junior Pan American Champions.

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