April 12, 2023


Canada VS USA - Men

The first contest of the day was a highly anticipated matchup between North American neighbours Canada and USA. From the first whistle it was clear that both teams came out to win; open field play was competitive, but it was Canada who took the early lead by way of a brilliant field goal put away by Ravpreet Gill in the 12th minute of play. The second quarter began just as intensely as the first, but the Canadian side began to show their class in outplaying the United States contingent. Another field goal would come in the latter stages of the half, this time by Brooklyn Aranha just 8 minutes before the half time hooter. Coming out of the half, USA started with a clear intention to change their fortune but that was quelled just 7 minutes into the half when Canada clearly displayed their class and asserted their dominance in going 3-0 up; the perpetrator this time was Hudson Loh by way of another field goal. The final nail in the proverbial coffin was hammered in by Jyothswaroop Sidhu closing out the scoring just 6 mins before the end of play to end the game 4-0. 

Argentina VS USA - Women

The Argentine women continued their winning ways in their clash against their North American rivals the USA. They started the game with their usual high tempo style and scored in the 1st quarter after a very good solo run from their left side. Brisa Bruggesser worked her way into the circle and slotted past the US keeper Annabel Skubisz.  The US quickly adjusted their game plan and played some excellent team defense with their co-captain Katie Dixon controlling her team for the remaining two quarters until the half-time break. Argentina managed to get 5 penalty corners in the first half, but their execution was uncharacteristically off colour. The third quarter saw the USA assert themselves more effectively against the Argentine’s and despite not gaining any penalty corners they created a chance when Olivia Bent-Cole forced Palottini to save a fantastic shot.  Meanwhile, Argentina played a more patient game and created more chances through penalty corners but again the USA defence held firm until the 51st minute when a cross from the Argentina captain Valentina Raposo found Paula Santamarina at the far post to deflect the ball in the nets pushing Argentina 2-0 ahead which would be the score. This result sets up an intriguing clash between the USA and Uruguay for the final semi-final spot from Pool A. 


Barbados VS Guyana - Women

The game between the two closest rivals and what would be considered the Caribbean derby got off to an exciting start when Guyana’s #12 Abosaide Cadogan converted a stroke in 2nd minute to take Guyana up to a 1-0 lead. Amidst valiant efforts by the Barbados defenders to relieve pressure, Guyana employed tricky tactics to get the ball into the opposition’s D which resulted in the second goal of the game pushing Guyana ahead by 2 goals to nil to end the first quarter. The second quarter began with both teams appearing evenly contested with numerous battles in the middle of the field which led to a heavily carded quarter. The second half reconvened following suit with four yellow cards being equally awarded between the two teams. Despite the two-goal deficit, the Trident ladies pressed on and managed to secure a penalty corner with 1 minute left on the clock in the 3rd quarter. Guyana ladies made sure they protected their goal when the Bajans looked threatening to keep the tridents off the scoreboard. At the beginning of the 4th quarter Guyana came out blazing creating two chances while the tridents defense tried their best, to deny Guyana what would become their 3rd goal, taking the lead to 3-0. The trident ladies continued to fight and would, at times, challenge Guyana’s defense. However, they were unable to convert any of their chances. This is Barbados’ second loss in the tournament and a hard lesson for the young, inexperienced ladies who were defeated by the close of play. 

Brazil VS Chile - Men

Off to a riveting start, Brazil began with some nice passes in and out of their midfield, but Chile matched with a press which caused a mistake in Brazil’s defense which led to the first penalty corner and a goal scoring chance early in the game. Chile’s captain #26 Sebastián Wolansky and star flicker ceased his opportunity and scored high in the net to give Chile the lead in the 2nd minute of the game. After the goal, Brazil restarted strongly but with some influential play from Chile’s #20 Raimundo Valenzuela, they secured their 2nd penalty corner of the game. However, the Brazilian goalkeeper stamped his authority and protected his goal as Chile’s chance proved fruitless. Ending the half, Chile was awarded a penalty stroke and put it home to take the score to 2-0.  Brazil began the second quarter with strong intentions winning their first penalty corner first and giving the team hope. After clearing the danger, Chile continued to create changes, but Brazil’s goalkeeper came up with brilliant saves. The sounds of the Chileans fans bellowed across the facility as their team tried to penetrate the organized Brazilian defense. At the end of the game, a well worked Chilean penalty corner was unable to break the walls of the Brazilian goal as the goalkeeper Danilo Brosco who proved outstanding in this game continued to stand tall. An all-around good performance from both teams.

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