April 13, 2023


Canada Vs Chile – Women

Chile were slight favourites going into this match up. At the start of the game both the Canadian and Chilean women displayed some excellent passing all around the field with both defenses ready to withstand the test. Chile took a 1-0 lead in the 10th minute after Martina Gago converted a penalty corner. The Chilean ladies began to dominate the Canadians with their stick-to-stick passes and eye-catching ball control which earned them 8 penalty corners in this quarter alone but the ladies in red held their own and exhibited some solid defending and back line decision making to deny Chile from scoring 7 of their penalty corners. In the final minutes of the quarter, a confident video referral from the Canadians prevented Chile from going ahead 2-0. The much-needed break from the pressure of the first quarter saw the Canadians return to the field with renewed intentions as they showed some promise in the first minute. However, Chile’s high press forced some turn overs which eventually led to many shots on target. Still, Canada’s goalkeeper, Kayla Desormeau, did amazingly to keep her team in the game. In the 26th minute Josephina Gutierrez of Chile showed a moment of brilliance as she slotted an open field goal past the Canadian goalie. The first half would end 2-0. Only 3 minutes into the 3rd quarter, Martina Gago would convert her second penalty corner goal and the final goal of the game. As the quarter progressed, Chile seemed to have found a riddim that made them almost unstoppable in the open field stringing many passes together and creating several opportunities on goal. However, the Canadians were not to be outdone and seemed promising in the 4th quarter earning 4 penalty corners to Chile’s 2. Both teams were unable to convert their penalty corners and the final scoreline means that Chile tops group B ahead of their game against Guyana. 

Canada Vs Guyana – Men

Guyana, despite being the underdog in this game, managed to hold off Canada until the final minute of the first half. Playing in the sweltering sun, the Guyanese team played a compact game forcing Canada to attack down the flanks. The game was fast paced and although Canada maintained most of the possession, the game was closely contested. Things would change in the 3rd quarter when the gents in white and black seemed to have found a new gear. The Guyanese defense collapsed and lost focus as 3 open field goals slipped past the keeper in the 34th, 36th  and 39th minute in the most uneven quarter of the game. The Canadians continued to run at their Guyanese rivals who seemingly had no answer for their opponents in this quarter. With all to play for in the final 15, Guyana regrouped but in no time Canada’s Brooklyn Aranha netted goal number 5 for his team. Not giving up, Guyana continued to fight for a consolation goal, but it never came. Meanwhile, the Canadians continued to press high and penetrate the Guyana defense. The Guyanese boys looked defeated as they no longer maintained cohesion. Their cheering fans maintained enthusiasm and expressed hope as they watched their team perish. Credit must go to the Guyanese team as they looked more comfortable on the surface with fewer misstops and better ball handling. With this 5-0 win, the Canadians take the top spot in group B and advance to the semifinals. 

Barbados Vs USA – Men

Having lost every game so far, Barbados was hungry for a win. Conversely, USA needed a win to qualify for the semi-finals. The first quarter was action packed and the Barbados’ team kept USA on the back foot as they pressed and penetrated the “D”. This was short lived as the momentum quickly swung USA’s way and they netted two goals in the 6th and 9th minute to give themselves a 2-0 lead. After the break, the Bajan boys tried their best to attack the “D” through the flanks but were unsuccessful. Beginning in this quarter the inexperienced side made passing mistakes and began to break down in the middle of the field which cost them possession. At the start of the 3rd, USA began to look comfortable and with only 2 mins gone, they found the back of the goal bars by way of a penalty corner. Barbados immediately responded earning a penalty corner but were unable to convert. A keen match up in the 4th between two teams each fighting for a victory resulted in a scoreless quarter. To the Bajan boys’ credit, they managed to defend 10 of USA’s 12 penalty corners obtained throughout the 4 quarters. With the game ending 3-0 in USA’s favour, they would now advance to meet Argentina in the Semi-finals.

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